Monzo top ups showing as Stripe

(Jonathan Sterling) #21

Same for me. If you have any doubt, you can double check that the Stripe charge was actually a Monzo charge here:

Could we get a statement from Monzo as to why this happened rather than just “this should now be fixed for future top ups”, please? It’s cost quite a few users’ time to figure out an unknown charge on their bank statements and I think we’re owed an explanation.

(S) #22

Yep same here aswell, transaction on 17th showing as Monzo and then Monday’s showing as Stripe.

(James Wheatley) #23

Found this an hour too late! Just had my card cancelled because of a random Top-Up showing as Stripe and the bank could not tell me any more information regarding it. Would of been good for Monzo to alert users on this, if they knew about it that is.

(Lewis Bamber) #24

I just did exactly the same. How annoying! :triumph:

(Hugh) #25

Perhaps @Jami would know whether an email will go out to alert users to this?

(Andy) #26

Ok - just found this post - phew! I was on the phone to Lloyds fraud dept when she said it was a financial institution.


FYI. Same thing is being reported by Starling users;

(Dan Bennett) #28

Also noticed this, topped up via Apple Pay and it came through as “STRIPE”. Which confused the living hell out of me for ages! But OK - Now I see this thread I know I’m not going mad nor alone!

(Adam Jones) #29

Yep. Happened to me with Santander.

(MikeF) #30

That probably depends on what information Stripe have shared as to why it happened. As I understand it it was their outage (which is why it affected a number of banks rather than just one).

(Hugh) #31

Interesting. Didn’t know Stripe had been outaged.

(MikeF) #32

I suppose “Issue” may be a better word to use in that context since everything still worked.

(James Billingham) #33

This has been happening to Cuvva too. Any ideas as to why it has been happening? Is it fixed for all Stripe merchants?

(Eve) #34

It’s happened to me with Santander too and I was confused but didn’t bother, since the amount was right.

(Katrina Pitt) #35

Just wondering if anyone has had the account that they top up Monzo with hacked by a UK company called Stripe? A few of us on our year abroad have had money taken out of our accounts after topping up our monzos!

(Kevyn) #36

Stripe is the payment processor for Monzos topups. An error occurred with Stripe this week (not Monzo) where it defaulted the transaction name on your bank account to the processor name Stripe (instead of Monzo). Monzo has changed this back to Monzo. Some old transactions will say Stripe because they have already been processed. It is not a hack, it is just a transaction naming issue.

(Allie) #38

The wrong name showing up on your bank statement isn’t a hack… It isn’t even that uncommon.

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #39


Joke I searched the forum innit :joy: :eyes:

(Luisa P) #40

Same thing happened to me… Never before has it come up as ‘Stripe’ - Has always been ‘Monzo’

I thought it was fraudulent activity before seeing your comment :sweat_smile:


Pleased I saw this thread as the same thing happened to me, too!

Also, curiously, the payment appeared on my bank statement 2 days after I topped up via debit card. I know there can often be delays with transactions showing up, but it hasn’t happened with a Monzo top up before. I wonder if the two are at all related?