Monzo to Monzo payments through the Contacts tab do not work

Hey…now I know Tom says in the video that you can’t send payment to other Monzo users however the account preview page says through contacts tab.

So does this mean if I type in a monzo sort code and account number it will successfully transfer the money?


Yes on the current account you can transfer to other Monzo accounts via sort code and account number. You cannot however do so via contacts (using your phone’s contact list)

Correct. Faster Payments via account number & sort-code work fine today (but it’s a bit clunky to type in the long account number).

We’re just finishing up getting contact-list transfers working on the current account (in the same way as the prepaid card), so it should be back to normal in the next few weeks.

It’s been the one feature that’s really been missing to make the current account fully useful for me personally.


That’s great! Thank you for confirming :smile:

Until some sort of joint account comes along at least it provides a way for me and my other half (who’s also on the preview) to allow us to send money in a pinch if we needed to

Monzo-to-Monzo payments are now available to Current Account customers: