Pay someone who doesn't have Monzo

Will this ever be possible? Thanks so much!

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If you’re on the prepaid card, no - but the prepaid card is going away (by December)

If you are on the new Current Account then you can pay people using sort code/account number by Faster Payments like with any other bank. Monzo to Monzo payments will be coming soon on the current account too.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thanks! How do I get the current account :slight_smile:

When it’s ready for full roll-out you’ll be invited, in the app, to upgrade. If you want to be a preview tester, follow the link under the counter that Hugh posted above.


I’ve paid some money into my wife’s PayPal account by attaching my prepaid card as a funding source on my PP account and initiating a payment there. That’s always a work around.

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What we are asking for here is Card to Card payments. This is especially useful for international payments where otherwise you have to use iban numbers and international settlement. It is possible to do this it is in the card payment standards, essentially how merchants give you a refund.

In that case, I don’t see why not :slight_smile: