Can't transfer money into Monzo

This week I got my Monzo Card and set myself up onto the app.

I just tried to transfer my cash onto the Monzo Card using the details given in the app but Natwest said “cannot transfer as the sort code/account code combination not recognised”

Hi Oliver,

Awesome news about joining Monzo! :wave:

Could you confirm if you’re entering 04-00-04 as the sort code? I hear a few people have been getting the digit 4 in the wrong place :see_no_evil:


hello @o3gan,

Can I confirm you are using the sort code 04-00-04?

There is a sort code of 40-00-04 that is not ours and does not accept inbound payments :no_good_woman:

Embarrassingly… yeah… that was it… thanks for your help!



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