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Good to see that transfer appear instantly on the bank statement. I have been disappointed with the slow credit when a deposit is made to the original Monzo prepaid card, this frequently takes a good number of hours to appear on my statement.


mine has always been instant except the initial top up on both :slight_smile:

I’m waiting for a paypal payment to come out and see how I’m alerted, a little bit excited about it please don’t spoil it if you know!


Are you topping up via bank transfer to your prepaid card? If so this is still done manually, which is why it takes a while.


no debit card :slight_smile: found it much easier

edit: you were probably asking OP :joy:

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If you were making a bank transfer to your Prepaid card, this would have to be credited manually to your card (as the money goes to Wirecard’s account). On the current account, you are sending money to Monzo directly at the BoE


I set up a transfer from my debit card to my current account on Tuesday, it’s now Thursday and the money has still to be transferred.


How? The CA doesn’t support topping up from debit card (yet)

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