Locked out of my account

Can’t log into my email so try changing my email and monzo take ages to get back to you
So I need to change my email, I’ve sent that them and my email yet it takes forever t

Have you tried changing your password for your current email or logging in via your number?

Basically I don’t have access to my old email address so can’t get into old email so have to changed to another email, I’ve still got the same number currently but they isn’t a way you can log in using your phone, it has to be though email and monzo support take days to get back to you for a 5 mins job so stupid, I can’t do anything till I’m back in my account, I’ve try everything I’m logged out until monzo reply, you can’t even ring monzo up

You can ring them, the number is on the back of your card

When you do get through, be prepared to go through some identification steps, just as you did when opening the account, before they will change your email address.

It is possible as I know someone who was in same position as you last year and whose password recovery method for their email didn’t work with Outlook.

Monzo were quite quick on that occasion, via email. About 24 hours.

Remember this is your doing, nobody elses. You’ve somehow not only locked yourself out of your primary email account but also your secondary one too.

Email support has always been slow because they focus all their resource on in app chat. Be patient and use this time to reflect on how you can avoid getting into this situation again. Perhaps a password manager would help?


Well, that’s not only incredibly harsh, and very unhelpful, but also simply not true.

@Jaidean420 mentions that Monzo take forever to reply to emails. That’s not something they have any control over, and something that we all know to very true

And the fact that Monzo has chosen to rely totally on magic links, eschewing username/password combinations (potentially backed up with 2FA, selfie,whatever) is also not something that @Jaidean420 has any control over.


Which part of them locking themselves out of their email account is untrue?

When I state they unfortunately need to be patient and a password manager would help stop this from happening again, how is that “unhelpful”?

Try not to read tone in messages, it never ends well and you’ll misconstrued things.


The fact that Jaidean420 has locked themselves out of their primary email and don’t have a secondary email for recovering the primary email, meaning they’ve had to create a brand new email account is not something Monzo have any control over.

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It is something one should expect to happen though, for such are we humans :man_shrugging:

For the avoidance of doubt: I don’t think there is a brilliant way of resolving this. Email (or password) resets are incredibly high risk situations, and therefore simply need a lot of friction, to minimise the risk of account takeover.

For the avoidance of doubt: I don’t know how, for example, Barclays would handle it if I forgot my password, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was some multi-day exercise that would involve a physical piece of paper being mailed to you.

So, I’m not actually saying that Monzo’s dealing with being locked out is particularly poor. (Though I do think that having to wait multiple hours for a reply adds stress to an already stressful situation.) I think they need to be careful, and err on the side of being thorough, even if it takes a while.

I am, however, saying that showing some empathy towards the OP would be appropriate, too.

Nobody is saying that Monzos way of handling this is perfect either, you’re reading things that just aren’t there. Nobody is showing any malice either, so again I’m not sure why you feel anyone is being attacked here?

I was simply pointing out that OP needs to remember how this situation has come about and how to avoid it happening again. So calling things “stupid” and taking their frustrations out on those who are trying to help isn’t a the best approach no matter how annoying it may be.


I can’t help feeling that a response like

also runs the risk of sounding like the OP is being called “stupid” (by inference).

Ok. To avoid any doubt there was no inference just advice to stay calm, be patient and how to avoid it happening again :slight_smile:

It’s clear the op is frustrated and possible scared and none of you are being in anyway helpful.

@Jaidean420 it is unfortunate but no one here can help you as we’re all customers.

Your best bet is to phone Monzo, see what they say and try to calmly follow their guidance no matter how slow frustrating it may seem

I’m sorry but there is nothing else you can do.

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I’ve sorted it now, thank you