Monzo support chat

Just noticed this in my monzo chat

Anyone else had a message hidden?
Not very transparent at all,

never seen it. Maybe new chat doesn’t have a delete function and they spotted a typo or incorrect information after sending it :thinking:

I was thinking that but judging by the next message I don’t think it was, could be though

I would have thought that there would be some kind of banking regulation that would state that any correspondence with Monzo should be a matter of record and they shouldn’t be able to remove stuff in this way?

Also, over 6 hours to respond!?!

Just to be devil’s advocate for a second, it says hidden, not removed

The keeping of records for legal purposes is maybe not quite the same as writing it out on chat

I feel like once the feature is there it’s going to be abused, it should definitely be viewable with a message saying why it was removed for spelling or inaccurate info

yeah it wasn’t an urgent chat , but the wait times used to be way longer at one point

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