Paying Your Money Back

Hey there.
So I have been waiting 8 weeks now for my money.
They closed my account with no notice.
I have read on a few of the feeds that they closed accounts because of unusual things or loads of money going in or what ever.
Mine was just a savings pot. Nothing funny. Money being paid bits here and there.
Now they are saying they are not paying me my money back but will return it to the source and can not provide any other info right now! I mean… the source is me!
Anyone had the same? I am so stressed with this now.

sorry to hear that , no Ive never had any problems with accessing any of my funds for 5 years , quite an amount of money in and out during the period never denied access to any of it, quite a reasonably large balance in my current account several pots with largish amounts in them also.

Dont really know any of your details but I would imagine the source of your funds is when the funds come in to your Current account from a “source” , before you transfer them to your pots


So the funds always came from my normal Monzo account or my RBS.
I have made an official complaint with the FOS now anyway. Its awful how they have treated me … especially at this time too.

I imagine they will return the money to the accounts it came from. If that’s you, then you’ll get it back.

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so back to your RBS account as the source of funds coming in to your Monzo account, again without knowing any other details thats all I can say …

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The money mainly came from my normal Monzo account … which they also closed lol

yes the details seem to be getting murkier and murkier :slight_smile: cant really add anymore , good luck with your FOS complaint.


But it didn’t arrive there by magic money tree. It goes back to where it came from.


Then it will go back to wherever it came from before it went to your main Monzo account.

When you say savings pot, do you mean a normal Monzo pot or a special savings pot that is held by a different company?

I didnt say it arrived my a magic money tree! No need for that comment. I am here for advice and nothing more.
I had a normal account with them and a savings account. All the money came from my normal monzo accpunt but they have closed that too. So not too sure where they will send the money to lol

Again, it will go to wherever it came from before your main Monzo account.

I’m really sorry to hear about this Emily - unfortunately the Community Forum isn’t the best place to come for support as we don’t have access to any account specific information over here :pensive:

If you haven’t already, could you send our team an email to so we can take a closer look and see what’s happened?


As above. Discussing the details of specific accounts is not something to be done on the forum since we’re all just guessing things. Please contact Monzo for further advice.