Monzo closed my account but only give me 1/4 of my money back?

Monzo randomly have closed my account however they’ve only sent me £18 out of the £73 what was in my account why is this?

We’re just customers here, we don’t know.


Hello Demi - Sadly no one here can help we’re just a friendly community who are mostly customers like yourself.

Is their a reason why your account was closed? As the money could be owed

(If someone called Sam tries scaring you don’t take him on)


You need to ask Monzo, not internet strangers.

Did they mention, at any time, returning money to source? If so, that’s what’s happened.


They refunded me £18.00 when I had £73:00 in my account and I don’t owe anything

Then they probably doubt the source of that money.

Nobody said that you did owe anything. Please don’t argue with us either, we know no more than you do.

Contact Monzo directly.

Do you know how I would dispute this please

And then when that fails, go to the financial ombudsman.

that’s some serious optimism there :laughing:

Although I have to agree that feels like where this will go

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Thanks so much

Where did the £74 originate? Salary? Benefits? Savings?

The remaining £55. Was most likely returned to its sender if this sender was something dodgy (not saying it is) it’s most likely lost and the result of the account closure

Let’s see if the customer responds to my question

Got a feeling they won’t return here again

Hi the money was from my wage it’s a regular payment what goes in

Check with your employer to see whether they’ve received it.

How do they work out the source?

If you give me £50 and work pay me £50 and then I spend from it, where am I spending from? What’s left?

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I’m sure someone on here posted an algorithm that banks (or a bank) used. But I can’t find it anywhere.

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