Monzo have locked me out and closed my account

Hello all,

As of 5:13 this morning my Monzo account has been closed. Entirely out of the blue with no warning. All I received was a pathetic email saying my account was closed and I should read the terms and conditions.

Alarmingly… it stated that ‘I can confirm that your outstanding balance has been returned to source so no money remains to be returned to you.’

What the hell does that mean? What source? The source of my money is my pocket because the money in my account has all come from my wages!!!

Seems to be a very alarming amount of people all having the same issue ‘Monzo stole my money’.

Calling customer service is pointless. They make you wait 5 minutes before disconnecting you. And of course the help@ email will no doubt respond with generic and pointless response with no help what all ever.

Anybody with an insight to this would be great.

Because above all else. I want my money back.


The source is where it came from so if it’s your employer it will be returned to them


Welcome to the forum Reece , the only insight we as customers can give you is that Monzo feels , for some reason you have gone against the terms and conditions of using your account , we can obviously know no details of what you have or haven’t been doing with your account so anything else on our part is mere speculation …admittedly the community is very good at speculation without any details whatsoever . good luck in sorting it out


Sorry this has happened, but, as a bunch of customers, there’s not a lot that we can do or say that will be helpful. Believe me, our guesses as to what has happened or may happen really aren’t helpful!

All banks close accounts for their own reasons and, from the outside, judging the good and the bad in that is next to impossible.

You have your side to this story and Monzo have theirs. We’re not in a position to judge because we’ll never hear their side so it’s best to just stop this discussion here.

Contacting Monzo directly is the only way to be sure about what happens now.