Waiting list for Mondo when only iPhone...what about now?

(Diana) #1

Hey people!! Soooo happy about today’s announcement!
But, I’ve been wondering about the process to get a card. I remember signing up back in January, but then I realised that people without iPhone were not gonna get them, or that’s what I thought.

I tried to support it via Crowdcube but I wasn’t lucky and I never made it. I have to think then that only iPhone users were able to make it?

I’m a bit confused by all this, so if anyone could clarify where do Android people stand, it’ll be great! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to start using Mondo!!

(Tristan Thomas) #2

Hey Diana!

Thanks for signing up :slight_smile: So we’re building the full Android app now and as soon as it’s ready, we’ll start sending cards out to people who use it. Does that make sense?

(Diana) #3

yup! As I thought!

At the beginning, I never realised that all those emails saying “your card will be sent super soon” were only aimed to the people that had downloaded the iPhone app.

After waiting for soooo long (as I got it wrong), I see the numbers of the people ahead of me…and gosh! They are A LOT. :stuck_out_tongue:

(gary) #4

Hi both,

Thanks for answering Tristan, that clears things up for me too…

Diana, i was around 40,000 in the queue too… after hounding 10 tech savvy friend for a couple of days (who i’m sure will thank me for it later) i’m now at the top of the queue! the very top!!! :smiley::sweat_smile::laughing:

(Matthew Phillips) #5

After working hard to reach the top of the waiting list. Which I finally managed today. I am wondering when the app and card will become available to Andriod users?