Monzo Premium Insurance - Apple Care or Monzo Insurance for iPhone 12 Pro

Looking to insure my brand new iPhone 12 Pro. I noticed a few people were wary of Monzo phone insurance through Assurant as they don’t alway’s use genuine parts. In a recent reddit post & also by iFixIt they’ve confirmed that any other part than the original part from that device won’t work in a repaired iPhone even if it’s OEM. Does anyone have any information on how Assurant would handle a device repair for such a new phone.

Toying up between Apple Care (Which is nice but doesn’t cover loss) but then I know i can pop into a store and get my phone fixed same day.

Reddit post about replacement parts in iPhone 12


So the Monzo Premium policy, as you rightly state, won’t gurantee an Apple Store repair, or first-party parts.

Experience of some is that they will allow it, and will offer the option of an Apple repair, but that’s not in their Ts and Cs so no gurantees you’d get it.

If the same day / genuine parts repair is very important to you, which I think is a fair need, you are likely better served by Apple Care +, with some combination of home contents insurance or other gadget type insurance for the Loss / Theft side. (Sadly I don’t think there are any policies that will cover loss/theft and not repair, it’s usually the other way around)

It’s likely more expensive that route, but you will have the gurantee of genuine parts.