Monzo Premium phone insurance accessory


I see that part of the Monzo premium phone insurance you can also add any accessories under £300.
Would an Apple Watch SE that is worth £299 be covered ?

Thank you

Well £299 is less than £300, but probably worth getting it in writing from Assurant beforehand that a watch would be covered.

Note this in the policy document though:

Accessories are covered only if involved in the same
incident as the mobile phone, not on their own

My understanding of the document (I’m not a lawyer etc) is that no it wouldn’t be.

As the above poster mentioned the covered accessory would need to be lost/damaged in the same incident as the phone and that seems unlikely seeing as they’re two completely separate items.

Hmm that’s strange because in the terms and conditions they list “headphones” and “bluetooth headset”

My reading is that it would probably be covered if lost or damaged in the same incident.

Their definition of an accessory is:

…an item which is intended to be used with your device with the intent of protecting it or making it more useful, versatile or attractive e.g. case, screen protector, headphones, chargers, memory cards or Bluetooth headset. This is not an exhaustive list and is intended to provide examples of what we mean by an accessory.

I’d rely on the fact that the watch is intended to be used with, and makes your phone more useful and versatile.

Be aware that it’s not a new for old policy. So you’d get a replacement watch, not necessarily a new watch.

and knowing LSG you’d get one that a previous claimant had sent in, with heavy signs of use that they’ve managed to repair themselves.

I once received an iPhone with bite marks in it (this was several years ago, mind). They did replace it with a different one after kicking up a fuss.