Tech pack

I would love to fully switch to Monzo but I have a Tech pack add on with Barclays that costs £12 a month to insure my iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch as well as my partners devices. I think it would be great if Monzo could work with companies to offer this with their accounts too. For now I have Barclays account for the cover and will start using Monzo for everything else.

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Hi - as you’ve also asked the question of Starling, you may well have a tough decision to make. :grinning:

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Why don’t you just get insurance independent of your bank?

Exactly Graham - decisions decisions! Wonder whose going to come up with it first!

Yes this is something I’ll consider in the future.

Been brought up a few times, search for premium accounts

Aren’t they insured on your home contents insurance? Mine are.

Stuff like this could potentially be a good source of income for Monzo. I know Revolut offer travel insurance which activates automatically when you reach a specified country.

NB: I expect the marketplace would offer stuff like this in the future too - through another provider or Monzo themselves.

Form all that we know so far, I think this is the way Monzo will handle this sort of thing. But we’re not there yet.

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