Assurant Mobile phone insurance accessories

The mobile phone service offered by Assurant is a bit iffy with accessories I’ve found.

So I just received a pair of earbuds and realised that monzo premium would cover it. So i rang them to ask about the specifics in case a claim needed to be made.

Let’s for argument’s sake say that the earbuds are stolen. You hear about these stories of people just snatching airpods out of someone’s ear and doing a runner. I gave Assurant this example and they said the earbuds would only be covered if the phone if stolen too. I find that a bit weird because the phone would usually be in your pocket or a bag.

What are everyone’s thoughts on this? I think it’s a bit underhanded by the insurance company to stipulate an unlikely scenario over the most likely one.

I can see where they’re coming from e.g.
My soundbar connects to the phone, does that therefore mean it’s an accessory and I should ask if it’s insurable?

If you carry your sound bar with you while travelling, then fair enough.

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