Monzo Premium - coming soon?

Interesting thread, and I’ve been trying to visualise the narrative from Monzo in launching that paid-for enhanced CS feature. It would need Mark Twain to swing that past the customers without scaring the horses.

I think you can do it if your current implementation is 8/10 but when it’s 5/10, it’s a struggle.

Ok, hands up: I broke the poll.

With the news that Monzo Premium is around the corner (assuming the accuracy of @sohear’s sources!)…

… I tried to merge a few threads to give us one place to discuss stuff. The poll broke. I’m sorry. You can see the results over here though:

Monzo Premium - A Feature Wish List

(Must remember not to get overexcited at the idea of polls).


Proper broked

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Gonna take a time out and reflect on how I’ve let myself down.

And contemplate what Monzo Premium might bring (assuming that that’s its name). I held a metal card once - I was never keen on them, but it felt lovely.

(I still wouldn’t subscribe just for the card, though).


Awh man! I literally just signed up for Plus two days ago.

That said, I have no need for travel insurance nor a metal card (as I mostly use Google Pay), so fortunately doesn’t look like I’m missing out too much

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Dark mode wont be premium, especially since you can force it now on android

Interesting… Forced Dark Mode on Android 10 (Developer Option) resulted in a semi-dark mode for Monzo which, while indeed dark , didn’t have a nice visual appearance (work needed on certain sections/headers). See here for an example;

Now on release Android 11 and/or Monzo app v3.53.0, even with the same dev option enabled, Monzo does not go dark. So it seems there has been work in the background to play nicely with the system dark mode, as now it can’t be ‘forced’ into it.

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When have I ever been wrong? :slight_smile:


That does slightly concern me, I didn’t notice that, it could be because there’s code for a proper dark mode not a buggy one. Will have to see. I dont see it going down well if dark mode is a plus feature :thinking:

Edit : fixed spelling

We don’t know what will be in higher tier yet. I’m hoping for something that’ll let me give up the Nationwide packaged account, but who knows what they’ve got up their sleeve?


It will be really frustrating if it’s yet another account which forces you to pay a premium for mobile phone/gadget/travel insurance - something that so many products are offering these days. I don’t want to pay for duplication and it will actually put me off subscribing.

Perhaps it’s not commercially viable - but surely you would appeal to more people if the account was more modular and allowed users to not opt for specific perks which they already have/have no need for?


I’m all for the modular ‘pick-n-mix’. What features would you like in such a ‘Premium’ offering?
For me, Metal card :soon:, Travel, Gadget insurance and Breakdown cover and Plus/Premium available to Joint Accounts.


Ousted? That’s news to me…

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Consider yourself informed :laughing:

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Do we know when the new Monzo plus will be launching. Any signs of it being this year :slightly_smiling_face:

We’re coming up to three initial three month period of Plus, so it might make sense to launch just before then to capture any waverers. But then again, if it’s travel focused it might still be months away… :man_shrugging:


Do you mean

No, I think they mean Monzo Plus+

Monzo Plus²? Monzo Plus(Plus)?


Monzo Premium I believe it was called in one of the previous teardowns :sweat_smile:

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