Monzo Premium - coming soon?

Thought I would open a thread for us to discuss Monzo Premium ideas, features we’d like to see and thoughts on pricing etc.


Mobile/gadget insurance is something I would love to see as well as the white metal Monzo card previously shown off.


Travel insurance for family to rival Nationwide’s. European cover is probably enough as I rarely go out of Europe when traveling. Phone insurance. Cycle recovery if there’s a breakdown whilst cycling. (I don’t own a car so car breakdown cover has close to no value).

I’ve no interest in any fancy card, I hardly use them as I use Google pay instead and I see it as a status symbol that’s of little interest to me.

Ability to auto sync the PDF statements to a Nextcloud folder.


Metal card! Metal card! Metal card!

Also phone insurance and maybe a special new feature and a companion card


Cheque imaging


Cheque imaging is simply not on the roadmap, from all the indications I have seen so far.

I have several other bank apps that can do that they now anyway :grin:

I have just taken out breakdown cover for a year, so that no use to me.

Mobile insurance would be useful if I was to ever upgrade my Samsung S7, however, while it works, alongside my £6pm tariff, this feature would not tempt me to Premium either.

Metal card - no interest as mainly use Google Pay.

Travel Insurance - as there is only me, this can be purchased significantly cheaper than a packaged account, hence why I downgraded by Nationwide FlexPlus account last year.

So, not quite sure what would attract me to a Premium account, or what I would like. :thinking: cap on.

I fear this is a dangerous road, given what happpened last time with Plus “bolt on’s” (Bundles, anyone :eyes:)

Anywho, if there were to be additional bolt-on’s, I’d only personally be interested in Travel Insurance & maybe cashback - already have the other needs covered off elesewhere.

I think someone from Monzo said a few months ago that there would be two versions of Plus (or at least two were being worked on).

IIRC one would be based around app features (presumably what we have now) and the other would be based around bundled products like insurance. So not Bolt ons, but rather different versions.


I’d like the option to just pay for the software upgrades and nothing else (no card, no interest, no free paypoint deposit, etc).

I think £2 / month would be a good price for a software-only upgrade.

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I would guess premium would be priced at 15ish

Personally, this wouldn’t be for me, but I understand that the wider market may want it, so I guess we’ll see what happens :slight_smile:

I’m not convinced that the premium should offer any additional software

I think it should focus around the more classical approach I.e insurance, cashback etc.


agreed, app features should stay within Plus, Premium should be everything in Plus + some “physical/external” features/services


From recollection, that is the plan (just packed/external products).

I hardly use a physical card now, I don’t see the point in a metal card especially with the likely high replacement cost if lost


When do people think this is coming, I assume 90% of it is ready to go and they are just waiting on the right time. My guess wouldn’t be till 2021 tough

It’s mostly for show tbf as you can’t use it in a atm either or it’ll get jammed. Just thought it’ll be cool as the old plus came with it

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Uh, they get jammed in atms? That’s probably the most common way that I use the card albeit rarely.

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When is Monzo premium coming?

(Q = quarter I.e. Jan Feb Mar is Q1)

  • Q3 2020
  • Q4 2020
  • Q1 2021
  • Q2 2021
  • Q3 2021+

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Looks like it’s coming soon:

What we thinking? (I feel a poll coming on…)

Edit: I was beaten to it …