✅ Dark Mode

Looks like a key to enable developer testing of the feature?

It would seem to indicate that it is at least being worked on.

I’d be massively surprised if they weren’t working on it. I think that a dark mode for applications of even mediocre popularity are inevitable these days.

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Love the new dark mode, when did they sneak that out?! Turning it on is a bit tricky but it looks great!!!


don’t think it is on, where is it?



Dark Mode working fine here :wink:;


Good Old App Parity

He’s using a feature of Android that forces an app into a pseudo dark mode.

There’s a lot of OS disparities in the Monzo app, but this isn’t one of them.


I appear to have been trolled @gmclean lol

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That’s terrible, who would do such a thing?! Ohhhh wait… :wink: (I was bored!)

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Are there any banks who have implemented dark mode to their app?

You know what? I’ve just realised that the apparent darling of fintech app design Revolut doesn’t have dark mode.


The HSBC app seems to follow the system default (light/dark) setting in Android.

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So theres no real implementation from any bank yet? Guess its just not priority right now.

The HSBC app does give a dark mode view, but you can’t select it - it follows the :android: system setting.

Just Dark Mode left as the last main feature and then Monzo will do pretty much everything I want it too with a few caveats :slight_smile:

:crossed_fingers: we’re not too far away from seeing it


I found out how to do this on my Samsung. It’s a half decent hack but it’s just on the bad side of ok with the white sections making some text virtually invisible. It does, however, show me that dark mode on most/every app is the dream. :yawning_face:

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Yeah, agreed - it’s ‘OK’ but not as good as native-app dark mode support.

I’ve also noticed that the new Plus ‘coloured header’ sections don’t display as anything other than Black in this forced-dark-mode-mode. Switch the force off (!) and coloured headers resume.

I think its fair to say Dark Mode is really far behind on the roadmap as it would have already been mentioned by now for sure! :frowning:

Edit: I could be wrong, i have just held my hopes up for soo long now

I just saw that even HMRC have added dark mode to their app. Come on Monzo, it’s really time now!