Monzo Premium - coming soon?

I prefer Monzo Plus²


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No i mean Monzo Premium with the metal card which was posted a few messages up :wink:


Interesting :eyes:

It would make sense I guess to try and keep people who might want to ditch Plus after the initial term is up (:raising_hand_woman:)

I’m curious to see what’s included

@Coral-Crew this is pretty off-topic, can you please move it to a Monzo Plus² Discussion thread?

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But I'd love something bolder…

— Ben Smith (@bensmithuk) October 2, 2020
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To save people a click…


I’d like the phone insurance and it would keep me using Monzo+ - I was honestly thinking about cancelling it as the only feature I actually used I moved to MoneyDashboard

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Everyone knows that after Monzo+, ++ (current edition), comes Monzo # (sharp). Doh.


I’d interpret that as Monzo Number, Monzo Pound or Monzo Hash before I’d ever even consider the possibly it could be sharp!

ETA Done some Googling, and the sharp sign is actually a mirrored hash! ♯

Its a programming reference for the evolution of the c programming language

  1. C
  2. C++
  3. C#

Boy do I feel dumb for missing that one! :rofl:

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Probably missed some :stuck_out_tongue:


I wonder if this is timed to deflect 3 months of Plus coming to an end with the only change/addition being Amex support.


Deflect, or defect :man_shrugging::rofl:

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“Thank you for your 3 months of Plus, would you like to upgrade to for just £5 a month extra?”

Some time later…

“Thank you for your 3 months of Plus++♯++#+³, would you like to upgrade for just £5 a month extra?”


So it’s now only 3 days before month 3 of Monzo Plus is complete.
Anyone think Monzo “Premium” will be launching this week. Since Monzo Plus launched on 16th July, possibly launch on Friday 16th October, giving people a chance to “upgrade” to Premium.

I think it would make sense. There’s been nothing on plus since it launched. Monzo are still moving far too slow, even in the much faster paced competition of premium offerings.

Focusing on launching plus isn’t a feasible excuse for that anymore in my view. Something is stagnating and it doesn’t really fill me with confidence. The fact no new offers have been added, or there has been no rotation since plus dropped is concerning too. If Monzo plus is still in this current state come Friday, I will be cancelling. I like it, but there’s not enough I like to warrant spending £5 every month right now. If premium is just going to tack metal and travel on top then there’s nothing there for me either.

Starling’s and Revolut’s pace of iteration continues to impress, so I think if I do cancel plus, I’ll give starling a proper try next, assuming I can get over their app interface. As it currently stands though, Revolut is still the best, most polished fintech current account product I’ve tried.

Monzo stole some of Revolut’s good features and put them into plus, with so much promise, but nothing since, so I’m a little disappointed in how this plus journey has panned out in all honesty. To summarise, I think it’s fair to conclude at this stage that Monzo Plus is polished, but stagnant.

@Peter_G could we get a poll set up for the end of the initial min term please? :pray:


After the press speculation that Premium might be around the corner, I was holding off because that would be an essential consideration in keeping, upgrading or cancelling.

But they’re cutting it fine, so I might just crack on… Poll incoming! :bar_chart:


I would say more polished than previous iterations as it’s still far from polished

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Given the latest lockdown rules announced yesterday does everyone believe that launching the next tier with all the travel things and such would be wise right now?

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