Monzo Premium cancelation

has anyone gone through the cancelation process of monzo premium account yet ?

I am thinking about canceling my plan to downgrade to basic free account

been already charged 15 gbp x 6 times but when i want to cancel it is stil coming up with the 50 gbp charge

am i going to have to pay the 7th months fee to be able to cancel ?

where do i send my metal debit card ?

please share your exprience if you have been through this change


Yes, you’ll have to wait till your 1 day after the 6th month. When you cancel, you’ll be reimbursed for that month, but won’t get the £50 charge. :slight_smile:


You keep it or cut it up and shred it - they’ll send you the classic one afterwards

That’s the cancellation charge since you’re still in your 6th month

I actually contacted them with this very query. They told me I can post my card back to them to ‘Freepost Monzo Recycling’ and they’ll get get rid off it from there.

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You need to send it back if you cancel, according to the app.

Not sure if this is optional, as I already have a second metal card (First was replaced by Monzo as a fraud risk), and I was never told to return the first.

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I don’t think there’s anything in terms stating that is the case.