Change of mind policy/cancellation

What the policy of cancelling Monzo Plus.?

I believe there is a 14 day cooling off period. You would need to contact Customer Services.


Oh cr*p…My own fault lesson learned not to rush into anything again regarding Monzo.

Finally sinking in that currently Monzo Plus has no benefit to me.

I don’t think that’s the lesson to be learned here.

You should research and evaluate all your decisions before rushing into anything. The fact that this was with Monzo is irrelevant. :slight_smile:


But you can switch out or close account at any time if you don’t want to pay

Wouldn’t this result in them billing you for the rest of the year as you agree to a 12 month contract when you sign up?

How they can bill me if I have no account with them? For what?

You cant just close the account when you request it, you get advised to speak to staff via monzo chat because of Plus membership

For the remainder of the contract and if not paid they could put a default on your credit record

Yep true ,well its my own fault, let’s just hope, for the remainder of the year features improve.

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In the same way that any other business in the world would if you switched accounts in an attempt to avoid paying.

You’ve signed a contract, so they’ll come for their money wherever you bank.


Hi @bjw3232 :wave:

There is a 14 day cooling off period where you can end Monzo Plus and not continue with it. After this, you can cancel at the end of the 12 month period.

I understand that the current Monzo Plus features might not be for everyone right now :slightly_frowning_face:. Monzo are adding a bunch of new things to this over the coming months, most recently the ability to earn interest on your balance and discount & offers at places such as Jack’s Flight Club :airplane: and Tidal :musical_note:

As many people know, we’re starting off small but in time it will be completely customisable :muscle:

Can I ask, what features are you looking for that will make Plus better for you?

Netflix and Amazon subscription discounts, Free Cash Deposits, Mobile Insurance, Monthly Prize draws for latest tech, Metal Cards just to name a few

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Would you be prepared to pay more for these things?

If so and Monzo offered them all, what would you be willing to pay?

All in the core £6.00 package but I would consider paying additional one off fee for metal card

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You don’t want much then :sweat_smile:


But realistically I wouldn’t pay more than £10.00 a month if those features was their on top of current offering

Are you sure? Few of my friends had a Barclays account with travel pack. I’m not sure 12 or 6 months contract? But they just switched their accounts and that’s it. Barclays confirmed this

You’ll still be charged for what you owe

Maybe you have a link for terms and conditions?
I found it. There is nothing about early termination.
And this is not a contract this is an addition to account as I understand