Monzo Pots and Direct Debits

I am having another issue with Direct Debits being paid from Pots. I want to change the Pot I have the direct debit assigned to for payment back to my main account - usually you just head to scheduled, click on the direct debit and then click on paid from … you would then untick the pot that was the payment pot and it would automatically default back to the main account for payment.

This option doesn’t appear to be working now as it just returns to the original payment pot selected. Hope that makes sense.

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Have you done the steps, force closed the app fully then checked?

Failing that, delete app, restart phone, reinstall and see if that works.

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Done all that and still no joy.

Maybe archive pot and reopen it after will help :thinking:
After that, set the DD to a another pot you were planning to :nerd_face: