When will all Direct Debits be able to come from a pot?

I wanted to change my direct debits to come from a pot but my mobile phone DD doesn’t appear as an option. I know the app says subscriptions like netflix can’t come out of a pot but why not phones?

Any idea when all DD’s will work from pots? At the moment I use Monzo just as my bills account and starling for spending money as it’s easier to keep it separately for now, but that’s how I used to be with high street banks. Hoping monzo can slimline the DD issue so you really do only need 1 bank

Your mobile phone DD would be able to come from a pot. When did you set the DD up and who is the company?
I’m with Vodafone and my DD comes out my pot okay :slight_smile:


Is it definitely a DD?

Is it definitely a direct debit or do they charge your card?

I’m with Smarty, but it isn’t a contract so maybe it isn’t actually a DD like others have said. In which case I rephrase my question to: is it possible to select regular payments from pots / is that something monzo are looking to make available?

Not really since they have no way of knowing when they’ll happen. They can guess the day in most cases but not the time which opens up all sorts of potential issues.

Smarty is a card charge.

Smarty is paid via a cpa (continous payment authority), taken from your card. I know as I’m with them. You don’t have to have it on auto renew.

Sort code and bank account number = Direct Debit. Any card details = CPA

Just use another accounts debit card and leave the money in there for the bill. Alternatively pay smarty with a credit card and pay the card via DD and then you can use a pot.

You could use IFTTT and set up a rule so that when they take a payment the money comes out of your bills pot

This is what I have set up for a payment I have taken out, your post has just reminded me that the company have changed names an all so I’ll need to edit that to the new name


Thanks, I dont know what an IFTTT is so I’ll look into it! Could be the ideal solution


The only problem with doing it with IFTTT is that you need to have the money in your account and the pot as it comes from the account first and then replaces it.

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So long as overdraft is available just in case all is good, that’s only reason I have one on the account so that it can temporarily go into a minus figure before it pulls the money out


Check the help guides on the App there’s a fair few articles about it to browse

We can pay Direct Debits directly from pots according to this: https://monzo.com/help/budgeting-overdrafts-savings/web-bill-pots
Yet when setting up a pot the app warns that we cannot.
Elsewhere in the app it claims it works for Direct Debits and Standing Orders only.

I’ve got a bills pot, never had that warning so it could be new, as the help guides say DDs and SO come out of it and CPAs can if I use IFTTT.

They already do. Its subscriptions (eg Netflix) that do not come from a pot. Hopefully, virtual cards can change that soon :slight_smile:

Depends what sort of pot you setup. Monzo pots = Yes. Third party pots = No.

This is what the app says when you try to create a pot. It’s ambiguous at best, and doesn’t really suggest that you can pay DDs and SOs out of pots once you’ve created them.

Ah, I see what you mean

Pots aren’t part of your main balance. Bills pots will take from bills pot and then main if there isn’t enough. It won’t take money in pots other than the bills pot selected

All of that is true, but I agree that it doesn’t cover the bills pot functionality explicitly.

To be fair, what’s written is actually true for bills pots too - the only reason they work is they populate the main balance before the DD goes out. If there isn’t enough money in the main balance (because the bills pot was empty) then what’s described is what happens.

I struggle to think of how to describe the different possibilities clearly though.

This is getting a bit confusing. Is there actually a thing called a 'bills pot" that’s a different animal to a plain pot?

So this is my understanding: if a DD or SO fires, then it’s paid from the main balance, but if some pot is associated with that DD or SO, then the amount is moved out of this pot to the main balance first. Is that correct? And does this transaction appear under the main balance or the pot (or both)?