Direct debit switch

I have just moved my dd to monzo today… 2 different dd.
When will they be switched and would I be correct the dd can be taken from the relevant pots, so that would be an advantage…

Within a few days they’ll show in your Scheduled tab. You’ll get a notification. Once they’re there, you can tap on then and set which pot the money for them comes from.

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Hi @Paulholbrook

When you say switched do you mean you manually changed the details with the company direct or you hae switched your account to Monzo from another bank?

Yes you can pay direct debits from a pot. When the DD is setup in the app you can go in and chose a pot to pay from.

Thats excellent, that way I can just leave the money in the relevant pots and dd will go from those pots…
This way I will not use up the money by mistake etc…

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No I called my 3 network provider and my gym and manually gave them monzo details for next dd round

I see. So each company is different in how quickly they process and setup a DD. As @caspararemi said you will get a notification and item in your feed when the payment has been setup.

You might also find this article useful that explain a bit more about “Bills Pots”


Thanks for all your help… I never knew they can be assigned to pots till today… Make life a lot easier…

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Will it also tell me how much my dd is, for eg I might go over my limit on my phone and use extra charge…

The day before the payment is taken you will get a feed item that is greyed out (from around 8.30 in the morning). This will show how much the payment is for. If you dont have enough to cover the payment you’ll also get a notification telling you that.

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Excellent… Thanks for all your help

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Not sure what your circumstances are but i switched all my current account banking to Monzo and get my main income paid in here. Best thing I ever did. It has completely transformed my finances with its budgeting features and notifications I always know what is going on in my account.

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I am this as my main account as well… I get my income here… Also I get the early pay day feature here… I get payment a day early.
I still got lloyds but I only use that to deposit the the odd cheque etc

If I remember last time, I got Monday wages in on Friday 4pm

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Great. Another feature that might help automate things is salary sorter. The article I mentioned above has some details about that. When you get your salary you can chose how to distribute it across your pots etc. So you could move how much you need for bills directly into that pot. Again I’d give that a try!

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The salary sorter features only appears when you get the grey feed the day before you are originally ment to get paid?

No it only shows after you’ve had the payment. The first time you use it, it will remember your choices for the next payments. Currently when you get paid the next time you will simply be asked to confirm how you want to distribute the income and it will already have the amounts to be sorted pre-populated.

Lovely, I will give it a try in a couple of weeks

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