Card not connecting to Apple Pay?

Hi, my card won’t connect to Apple Pay or android pay and it won’t give me a reason why. I don’t know how else to contact for help so thought this would be the best place. Can anyone help?

Are you adding to ApplePay via the Monzo app or Apple Wallet?

Whichever one you tired, try the other one.


Hey :wave:

Great advice from @Revels above.

Just to add some thoughts;

  • Obvious statement alert. The card needs to be active and unfrozen in the app

  • Try adding it via Apple wallet direct, this is the easiest way if you can’t via the app

  • I presume we’re talking about a physical card. If its a virtual one adding it via wallet won’t work, you’ll need to assign it to a pot first then add to wallet

  • if you can’t add the physical card and have plus, the above is a workaround until you’ve managed to sort the physical card. This is what I had to do until my replacement arrived.


Thanks for the help, unfortunately I don’t think this will work.

It’s a physical card, active and I’m adding this through the apple wallet directly as well as through the Monzo app and it’s a normal current account.

I think the problem is adding it to the Monzo app, a while back I lost my card and ordered a new one. Which was kindly sent however must have got lost in the mail is it didn’t arrive, I then ordered another one and activated the newest card. Any remaining cards were disposed. Ever since then the Monzo app hasn’t accepted the card to be able to use apple or andriod pay (I have 2 phones).

Now, when I go to ‘set up your Monzo card with Apple Pay’ I select continue and a message alert appears reading ‘Couldn’t add card. Sorry, we couldn’t add your card right now’. So there doesn’t seem to be away around it for me.

If you’re able to help I would be grateful.

Many thanks,

Ah I see.

I can only suggest a delete/re-install or reach out to in app chat if that doesn’t work.

We are only customers here, so can’t help on this one unfortunately.

Had same issue on Android with HSBC card. Contacted HSBC customer services and they sorted this.