Monzo Plus with hot coral card

I know that you don’t have to get the holographic Plus card at the time that you upgrade to Plus, but can you upgrade to it later?

Also, if you’ve downgraded from Plus to standard Monzo account, is the holographic card free if you upgrade to Plus again within 12 months?

Yes. And I would have thought so, as you’ll be paying the minimum term again

If you speak to chat it’s potentially something that can be done, though the charge may be added at the time of order (I don’t deal Paid so can’t give a clear cut answer).

You’d be charged for the holo card if ordered, and cancelled within first 3 months as it’s a new agreement + new card.

Thanks, but which charge is this? I don’t remember there being a charge for the holographic card when I upgraded to Plus last time, but I did wonder if there would be if upgrading to Plus for a second time.

Edit: just seen Revels’ reply, which seems to contradict yours. I’m now caught between a Monzo employee’s reply and Revels’ abundant experience!

Sorry, I’ll edit my post, you’d be subject to the new agreement, but if you ordered holo card and cancelled within 3 months of new agreement, you’d be charged the £5 fee for the card delivery - does that explain better?

I think he’s asking two things;

  1. if you keep hot coral, can you take the blue card at a later date? I’m pretty sure this is a yes as it offers you to upgrade

  2. If you cancel plus after >3 months, then decide to join again, will the card be free? I would think so as it’s included in the minimum term costs. You’d pay at least £15 overall and the card price is built into that.

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Well this would be entering to a new agreement therefore I doubt it would be free. Assuming Coral card on signup, ordering a new holo card at time of upgrade.

But, if entering the new agreement already with a holo card from a previous Plus membership then it’s probably worth discussing via chat to see what they say around this if you did want to cancel in less than 3 months (as you’ve already covered the cost here), or wanted a replacement.

Yes, these are the two things I was asking :slight_smile:

OK, thanks - this is how I would expect it to work.

This is also what I would probably expect to happen, but @Carlo1460 seems to think I would be charged. I didn’t cancel within the 3 months last time and wouldn’t this time, either.

I think the best thing is for me to just take the holo card at the time of upgrading to Plus and see if I’m charged or not.

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The cards are free, but you’re charged for delivery if you cancel with the first 3 months.

So in the case of signing up again within the 12 month window as mentioned above, the same terms would apply as it’s a new agreement which you’d accept on signup, so relevant charges apply.

This is correct. In fact, you get pestered about it.


Thanks all - I think we’ve reached a consensus!

That doesn’t happen often :wink:


Similar question - I’m looking to upgrade to Monzo Plus, but keep existing card (I have a yellow card coming).

Is that possible?

No different I’d imagine.

Yes you can keep normal card.

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When you upgrade to Plus/Premium and have the option to keep the Hot Coral (as opposed to taking the Holo Blue / White-Metal) - do you keep your existing coral card or do you get a new (replacement) coral card.

I’ve not been through this flow, so just curious.

You can choose not to order the holo card I believe, which also removes the card delivery fee if cancelled within 3 months for those who did order the blue.

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You keep the existing one.


This, and the holo card option just remains pending. I have a green card coming but still have the option to order the holo one since I signed up but haven’t claimed it yet.

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Tapping the neon card notification, does that override?