Monzo Plus - Weekly Update 24th October 2019

Apple have quite a nice way of doing that on their range of phones in store. Could be a useful source of inspiration?


Errrrr … no? :joy:
But can’t fault you for trying

Thanks for the update

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Entirely understandable position. Hopefully in the future we’ll be able to get an additional layer of detail, but in the meantime this is a good update.

Thank you


What’s the estimated time frame/road map for customer testing/launching?..

Are cards gonna have the numbers printed on them

And presumably someone is testing how it holds up just left in their wallet in their back pocket being sat on all day. Most of my cards seem to have a slight bend now. But it isn’t really an issue as I tend not to use them as Google Pay is just easier.

Side question/request, can whomever closes the topic when the next update is out, please put a link to the new topic at the end of the thread. It seems to happen some weeks but not others, but is really helpful/convenient when there. Thanks.



I’ve added the link to last week’s thread


Yeah, sorry. That’s normally a staff thing on these threads but as they hadn’t done it I did but it was just as I was on my way out of the office so I didn’t have time to go and get a link etc.


Apologies, forgot to close out last week’s chat. Thanks for doing that for us.

On cards, we’re playing around with where we put the numbers. There’s a few considerations and rules around what you can do, but we’ve got some ideas.

On timeline, we touched on this a bit in the last couple weeks but we’re trying to, very intentionally, take our time with this one. This means we won’t be pushing an MVP out the door for feedback so customer testing (like we’ve seen with other Monzo products) won’t be the same. We’ll obviously still test to make sure it works!

On testing, there are certain standards around durability and quality, so it’s a pretty stringent process of bending and scratching to best simulate a few years of card use.


If you can use the card more than once in an ATM, or place it down onto a surface without the numbers scratching off or the chip cracking, then you’re already in a better place then the previous batch


You’re about 10 steps ahead there :smiley: I never received one that didn’t have defects fresh from the envelope - even my non-plus one that was replaced recently was poor.

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Just stumbled upon HSBC Select and Cover. You pick a minimum of 3 Insurance’s then can add more with increased cost. Sounds similar to what should happen here. The base 3 are interchangeable too.

Also the insurances that Monzo use should be at least a decent provider. Ie Breakdown RAC/AA


I suggested this one a couple of months ago around the time they scrapped “bundles”… still think this kind of approach is a great idea and clearly works well if done right!


Any roadmap on when new more robust features (not card redesign or product marketing) will become available? I don’t understand why Monzo made so effort to make sure they have 3 million users only to start seeing the early adopters stop using it?

Although I am an investor and hope Monzo will develop further I am starting to wonder how Monzo fits into my life.

Why am I using Monzo?

  • Track spending - that is not it seeing that even traditional banks now have this feature (see Barclays).

  • Budgets - that is not it as Monzo does not offer budgeting features just false budgets that are just tracked spending not actual budgets.

  • I can add others…

So why am I using Monzo?

I have no idea. What I do know is that I am using Monzo less and less. And see less and less value being brought to my life by Monzo and more by using a traditional bank + Open Banking + Yolt or YNAB.

Time will tell if I continue being a Monzo user.

Interested to understand why you’d favour a mixture of 3 separate ingredients when one will presumably do it. So many posts refer to the benefits of having everything in one place :blush:.

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In the example there are actually just 2 elements the bank (that has Open Banking active to send information via IFTTT or Zapier) and Yolt or YNAB to analyse, budget and some other features (wealth management and investment tracking - if done right) .

Of course I would like to have everything in one place. That is why I signed up for Monzo. But there is no 1 solution on the market that does banking + budgeting (Ideally wealth management as well). If you know of one please let me me know

‘Fraid not @milotindragos, but good luck in your search. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello everyone. I’m closing out this week’s post. We’ll continue the conversation with our latest update: