Monzo Plus - here's what's coming next!

We recently launched Monzo Plus - a way for you to get more out of your Monzo account.

Today, we’ve shared some more about our vision for the future, including the roadmap for 2019.

There’s also a brand new home on the website for all things Monzo Plus - check it out here!


This is exciting - but please can you give some more news around when the waitlist will be fully opened! I think I can say many of us are eagerly anticipating this answer.


Great stuff! If the interest rate offered on positive balances is greater than that available in the easy access savings pots I imagine that will bring a lot of subscribers on board as plus could feasibly pay for itself that way.

Will also be watching with interest the plans for airport lounge access and any cashback deals, although that will be a case of weighing up cost/reward.

At the moment I am still not convinced enough to sign up, but will be keenly watching!

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Any idea when mobile phone insurance will arrive?


Ooh, interesting though - it seems the Travel Insurance has now moved to AXA and a Family policy - this seems a big change!



…yes, and will those already on the waitlist continue to be invited in the order in which they signed up?


That is what has been said but given the timescales involved I can’t imagine that’s what’s happening at the moment.
Either that or I, and many others quick off the mark, are just being missed off.

I signed up for the core Monzo Plus product last week and I’m wondering how flexible the extra features will be. I’d expect certain insurances (e.g., gadget and contents) would have minimum terms, but for the likes of the airport lounges and travel insurance will it be possible to add and remove these more flexibly on an as-needed basis?

For those of us who have signed up already will we be able to add minimum-term plans that outstretch the remainder of our 12-month plus commitment at a later date?


I disagree with the description of “launched” it’s beta testing/ alpha testing. Launched in my lexicon means ready for production. At least the term limited should be added


How long will the 50% off offer last? I want to wait until payday to sign up so it syncs with all my other “bills.”


Add breakdown cover please :pray:t2:


Good idea :bulb: have you posted it in the suggestion box?

At the bottom of the page :wink:


It seems like this is not possible. Anything you add-on will run for the remainder of the 12 month period you have.

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Hey Mark! There’s some guidance on that here:

You’ll soon be able to add new custom features, and they’ll run until the end of your minimum term. At the moment, you won’t be able to remove them until the minimum term’s up. Hope that helps!


Done! :white_check_mark:
One question… when we will be able to add extras in app? I have no options there:


Yep, you won’t be able to do it just yet! We’re working on adding that functionality soon (we think it’ll be ready in a month or two) :crossed_fingers:


Love the new site and the clarity on the direction of Plus, just a few questions;

  1. Any word about the status of the waiting list? Many of those who signed up the second it went live, myself included, haven’t gotten the notification.

  2. I do like the idea of ad-ons, but for extra I would expect the foreign withdrawls amount to be higher than £400/month. That’s not nearly enough to make someone invest £3 extra per month when they can get unlimited foreign withdrawls for free with Starling. Any chance this could be raised or replaced in the ad-ons section?

  3. I love the idea of interest on your balance and I hope this will also apply to amounts inside standard, non-interest gaining savings pots?


Oh man got excited when I saw this post and thought I’d be able to sign up. The wait continues…


How can we access the monzo plus page on the website ? I think it needs to be added to the bottom navigation.

It’s very welcome to see they are advertising the £3 offer still, just hope they don’t pull it before people who signed up to the wait list have chance take out Monzo+ at the reduced rate