Debit card designs

Hi everyone,

Just recently joined Monzo, one thing I think would be great is the ability to choose different designs like colour of the debit card or even upload a picture design (could be picture of pet etc)


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Monzo did offer the choice with Plus. They buggered it up but will be launched again, and possible Metal too. No option for uploading your own image. I doubt Monzo would want to do this, as the colours act as marketing.

Something like this would be better anyway

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Thanks for your reply and yeah those colours look good especially the navy one. Is plus still offered? Can’t see anything mentioned when I log into my app.


Plus in the form it became was cancelled. Monzo are currently working on a new plus product, which we’ll probably see soon-ish.

You’ll find the discussion on the new Monzo Plus over here


Whenever this has been brought up in the past it hasn’t been that popular. Most people seem to use Android/Apple Pay so their card never sees the light of day.

The only thing people seem to want is a metal card :smiley:

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A metal style card sounds good!

I actually disagree. I think that one of the factors that makes Monzo so distinctive is that their cards are so distinctive, and so easily recognisable - even from afar. How often do you see a flash of hot coral when someone opens their wallet to pay, or taps their card while getting onto public transport - and you instantly know they’re part of the club?

For this reason, there have now been so many imitations - with Dozens offering a distinctive yellow one, Transferwise an almost fluorescent green, etc.

I really think Monzo made a mistake when they began offering different colours.

I think multiplying the colour options will only dilute the strength of the brand


Just be thankful you missed that particular fiasco. :sweat_smile:

We’ll just have to see what the next iteration holds. :blush:


I used the card to pay in a restaurant last night and the quote from the lady taking payment was “those Monzo cards look ace. So distinctive”. My other half pulled out her blue plus card and asked her if she would recognise this as a Monzo card.

“No” was the response.


I disagree, I think the colour is very unappealing and feedback I have had is negative. If I could the first thing I would change is the colour.

Also I really wouldn’t call the colour “hot coral”, looks more like a salmon pink to me

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That’s only because Monzo uses like four suppliers for cards and one of them is basically salmon pink.

If you look on your card does it say IDEMIA?

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The colour has made the brand. So your feedback is pretty inconclusive.

It’s definitely Hot Coral Pantone 805-C


IMO Monzo has many many other priorities. If someone chooses NOT to open a Monzo account because of the card colour then that’s up to them. After that it’s no longer important enough to be on the radar for a while yet I’d hope (e.g. as part of Premium). I look forward to that day then all the Premium threads about ‘why isn’t it made [material]?’ and ‘why isn’t it portrait instead of landscape?’ and so on, will be in a more focused place where, who knows, they may actually matter.

Coral was Pantone colour of the year for 2019 so it’s no longer on trend :-1: Time for a complete rebrand in my opinion :wink:


It’s blue this year, like the plus cards. All is good


I vote for Dulux colour of the year. This will really stand out by not standing out.


How about these ideas
:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

  • Biometric security

  • Lose the signature strip

  • Non embossed card

I know these are not new innovations, but as far as I know there isn’t a card that incorporates all 3

Your Phone. Does all 3.


True, but from another thread

It looks like the majority (at least according to statistics) still prefer a physical card.

I know I do

Unfortunately, that may leave you wanting if you visit the States a lot (or live here). Contactless acceptance is far from perfect here. Some places even still use magstripe.

That aside, an idea for card design that’s a bit more subtle- for people who have accounts on both sides of the Atlantic, maybe have subtly darker “US” and “UK” letters in the upper right corner (or alternatively, superscript the letters over the end of the Monzo logo) to tell the cards apart? I mean, right now you can tell US cards apart because they say “Monzo Card” or “Monzo Beta” in place of a name, but for when personalized US cards come along.

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