Surprise - Coming Soon

Just seen this on Twitter… Intrigued

Judging by the badge under the name i’d guess it must be Plus related

Edit: Countdown timer for 9:00am tomorrow morning shared on Instagram


Looks like soon is tomorrow morning.



What do you reckon this is Monzo just posted on Insta ?


Just seen this on twitter. I’m intrigued. Is it to do with the next iteration of Monzo plus maybe?

I hope so :money_mouth_face:

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100% or maybe we might be getting cashback or rewards for being a loyal banker who knows :heart_eyes:

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Looks like you were beaten to it by someone else:

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Soooo 9am tomorrow we find out?

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I hope its Plus,

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Could be any of the ideas from this post onwards ( New feature coming 👀 ) that @kieranmch has been secretly working on… I hope @BritishLibrary gets some royalties…


Easy bank transfer coming out of labs?


Time to speculate!

I think this is going to be something similar to Revolut’s perks. But they’ll call them surprises. You tap the surprise button to unlock a surprise for spending on you card!

Or it’s just plus, I suppose. :roll_eyes:

Either way, it’s exciting.

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Unlikely as they only ramped it up to 30% of customers today to see how that goes.

I doubt it, it’d be pretty quick to go from Kierans Post earlier to live

The badge under name hints at something different on the account, at the moment the only badges people get are, Alpha User, Beta User and the old Plus as far as I’m aware, there maybe a few more but seems a bit of a giveaway for it to be Plus :slight_smile:

Well shit! Presumably plus.

Bring on custom categories :crossed_fingers:

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I think Maya needs a better interest bearing account for those savings :rofl:


“Crowdfunding investor” was another badge, I think you’re right that it’s something that relates to the status/type of account holder/user

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