Monzo Plus Virtual Card Google Play Issue


I have removed my old Monzo card from my Google Pay account and added my new virtual card which I have created as part of Monzo Plus.

It’s registered the card and I can use it with things like buying movies or apps through Google but it won’t allow me to register it for contactless payments.

As you can see, it advises me to contact Monzo.

Any ideas?

Is it because when it comes to the occasional verify with pin, there’s no card to use at the terminal?

It never does that when using contactless on my phone, only when I use contactless on my card does it occasionally ask for a pin for security.

You can’t add virtual cards to Google Pay or Apple Pay

Any particular reason for this? Really defeats the whole purpose for me…

Because you can only use them online :+1:

It is in sorts ‘online’. You can use Google Pay to pay for things through Just Eat and the Play Store.

It’s just not set up for mobile payments - due to regulatory requirements of doing so.

For now you’ll be limited to “remember card details” options rather than mobile pay.

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A bit dissapointing but understandable, thank you.

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To an extent it’s not really needed for Google Pay contactless transactions because Google Pay uses a virtual card number rather than your real card anyway. You’d have a virtual card of a virtual card linked to your real card.