I cant add my monzo card to google wallet

Ive changed ny phone and come to add my card details to google wallet it says to conact my bank regarding the issue any help please

Have you tried from within the app? Have you contacted Monzo as it says?

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I’ve just tried in the app and it’s saying the same thing if I call it says they can’t deal with google pay over the phone but I will try again

They should be able to - Usually as the verification option, it allows you to pick from β€œVerify in app” or Call, I can only assume that they are reliant on the β€œVerify in app” option being there so heavily, that phone CS are not fully trained on it. would be my guess

Have you got any older Monzo cards within Google Wallet :eyes:

Mine got confused once and wouldn’t add a new instance until I removed the older version.


Head to payments.google.com and remove the details from there, then add again through wallet.

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I still cant add my monzo card to my google wallet to pay contactless via my phone this has beeb happening for 3 weeks bow ive tried to contact monzo and getting nowhere im getting really frustrated and angry this bank was highly recommended by a friend as a really good bank but i just seem to be have problems

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Ask Monzo to remove all Google Pay tokens from your account see if that resolves (if not done already).

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