Monzo Card doesn't work with Google Wallet

I’ve been using Google Pay for a few years. Now I can’t - all transactions declined. I can use the Monzo card itself that’s registered to Google.

Since it became Google Wallet a couple of months ago, I’ve not been able to use it (wallet). I’m guessing that’s the turning point.

I can’t remove the card from Google wallet because I have several Google subscriptions with the card.

I’ve checked my Google account and Monzo account to make sure my name and address are identical.

(I don’t see any Monzo online chat anywhere - has that gone?)

Any ideas - most appreciated!


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Type ‘contact us’ into the support section to start live chat.

Sounds like the connection between Google and Monzo has broken. I think Google will have to re-trigger a request but see what they both say

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Possibly this… it’s been an issue for months and monzo are no nearer a fix.

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Yeah, this has been on going for a while now. I’ve had to use another bank (still on MasterCard) to make any purchases through Google Play so definitely seems like a Monzo issue.

Start a Chat through help, hopefully will get a move on the more people suffer from it.

Google Wallet supports card details and cards enabled for contactless.

You should be able to disable contactless whilst keeping it the card used for online play store purchases and subscriptions.

Once you have disabled contactless in Wallet, try going back to Monzo app and tap “add to Google Pay/Wallet” button to add it back to wallet as contactless enabled payment card.

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