Can't add virtual card to Google Pay

Ive created a virtual card to use via Google Pay.
However there is no optoion on the app to add it to Google Pay, and when I try to enter the details manually it does not work.

If you go to look at the card directly there should be a banner between the card image and the pay from / card details – this should say “Add to G Pay”.

If it’s not showing that’s usually because it’s already in the Wallet.

Is virtual card attached to a pot? Only those are Google wallet capable I believe.

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There’s no add to G Pay button and it’s not showing in Google Pay Wallet.

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That may be it. I think it’s got to be linked to a pot to be available for GPay, although I can’t recall the reason for that limitation. Also, I don’t think once you’ve created the card you can then link it after the fact, so it may be necessary to delete the card and re-create it, but linked to a pot.

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Thank you. I think that may be the cause.
I just tried with a card attached to a pot rather than the main account, and it looks like it’s now been added.


In theory, there is no reason to add a standard virtual card (attached to main account) to Google Pay since Google Pay already hides your real card number from the merchant.
Interested to know why you would want to though… mainly cos i’m nosy.

I tried it when I had been frauded, my main card was frozen while I waited for a replacement so wanted to use my main account funds, but not with my card

That would make sense. Reminds me that I was in a similar situation when I lost my wallet but I guess it’s a very limited scenario. Since replacement cards are usually pretty quick to arrive it might not be worth Monzo’s efforts to allow the feature, even temporarily.

I ended up using a virtual card attached to a pot and moving my account balance to said pot for the 24 hours I was without a card.