Monzo Plus - Small Scale Trial

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(Simon B) #102

It is indeed a very small scale test with some A/B testing going on… Not much of what you see here is being held as sacred. Anything could change and much of it will.

I will try and get some of the folks specifically working on this to answer some questions for you.

(Ben ) #103

I spy a small cake by your name :birthday:

Happy Birthday!! (If that’s what that means)


Yeah, these don’t look very appealing.
Revolut’s metal option looks much better in comparison.

I’d love to see virtual disposable cards.

(Dan Mullen) #105

@simonb does that mean that people who sign up now won’t be held to the 6/12m terms? It would seem a bit unfair to tie someone in when the product is likely to change so rapidly.


Do they actually offer that? Have you used it?

I always find bank insurance to be a bit iffy with the fine print.

(Jason Yau) #107

Haha travel insurance costs me something like 85p a day. I’d have to be travelling for over a third of the year for this to be worth it!

(Tom Halloran) #109

The £3 one would be a real missed opportunity to use the new cards for marketing. Your friends would see the new card, ask what it was and you would say it’s Monzo premium you get…a t-shirt and some stickers

They’d be like - what that’s it? And the opportunity for free word of mouth advertising is gone…


31 days per trip limit though. Any idea if the Zurich one Monzo are offering has the same limitation?

(Martin Jones) #111

For those interested in finding out policy for insurance


Barclays have been offering an emergency cash transfer process, they don’t advertise it, but its there.

Barclaycard advertise emergency cash.

I bet most of the big other banks have a procedure in place as well.

(Adam) #114

Looks like the Pluto / Zurich cover is maximum 183 days in the 12 months.


I think this has all been very badly misjudged.

Monzo prides itself on transparency, therefore I think there should have been a post that this would be going into a small closed beta test with a select group of users.

Instead, it’s just appeared randomly in the app for some users, and then getting different variants offered.

There should have been more upfront communication as that would have quelled a lot of some of the bad feeling in the thread.

(#savetheseabass) #116

It’s the same A/B trial they’ve done many times before on various features. Transparency doesn’t mean signposting every decision or trial, they often work best by releasing it into the wild and seeing what happens. Not sure announcing anything would change people’s opinions if the insurance is good value for money

(Dan Mullen) #117

…which it isn’t.

(Harry) #118

This one is pretty terrible, £18 for a different coloured card and some merch?

Nice to see Monzo testing this out though, I’d personally love to see them offering phone insurance as part of one of the packages.

(Tom) #119

I think Monzo need to come up with an idea to offer something unique and different that once again gives them an edge over other accounts. Granted, I know this is the test phase so they shouldn’t be getting stick as this is them doing their due diligence.


It also gives a decent interest rate that covers half the cost of its membership fee

(Jai Sullivan) #121

I pay £8/month for travel insurance and phone insurance. I’ve used the phone insurance 4 times over the past two years and I honestly don’t have a bad word to say. I’ve had a replacement phone sent next working day by DPD :smiley: NatWest partner with Carphone Warehouse and Aviva.


That could explain why it is more expensive. Insurance for longer than a month at a time is often quite a bit more in my experience.