Any updates?

I don’t know about anybody else but this part of the forum has been particularly quiet recently, I’m just wondering when we are going to be updated with some real confirmed information regarding what I’m spending £6 a month on.


The product you are spending £6 a month on won’t change since it’s been scrapped

The new premium product should be available in a month or 2


Echoing Emma, you should already know what you’re spending your money on every month and that isn’t going to change.

Everything we’ve seen so far says that the new version of Plus is a new product. While you will no doubt be allowed to migrate from old to new, in no way will your current agreement morph into some new form so what you’re currently paying for is what you’re currently getting.


You’re still paying for old plus?

I didn’t think you even got anything for it these days? Genuinely interested.

Most people, including me, cancelled and obtained a refund a long while ago.

What made you stay with that?

I am still paying for ‘The Traveller’ as I do travel frequently for work (until recently) and it has been well worth it for Travel insurance and Lounge Access!

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I’m still paying for mine. I use HelloFresh and 10% off every order means Monzo has saved me a decent amount so far, alongside the monthly interest.

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