Monzo Plus - Small Scale Trial

(Jordan) #756

That’s fair, I can completely understand why those two things are sticking points!

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #757

Just playing devils advocate here so no offence intended, but why does Monzo have to change?

It can’t be healthy financially to continually go into your overdraft and be reliant on it? Does some change not need to happen at your end too? You could utilise all the budgeting features etc that Monzo provide to work out where you’re overspending and get back on top.

I understand that this is sometimes easier said than done obviously :slight_smile:

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Even if he did say that in a video, that is crazy and I can’t see it being a fact :confused:

(Leon) #759

It’s for a week per month. I’m using it as a short term loan which is what a overdraft should be used for.

I could do but it would be really expensive if I do go into my overdraft by accident which is what I’m trying to reduce.

They don’t have to change but for a bank that wants a billion users…


Can you remember which one? I’ve seem pretty much most of them and I don’t remember hearing that.

(Not saying you’re wrong, but wonder if it’s an interpretation thing, or one that I’ve missed).

@simonb, any chance of clearing this up for us?

(Leon) #761

I don’t you know, sorry. :confused:

(Nathan) #762

Will they have a competitive rate though is the question when this comes in.

Will still require a fee though, again behind the market on this that use the exact same service :man_shrugging:

If other banks start charging for it then fair enough ill reevalute but until then thats a big ex in the monzo column.

Its an odd one, the more ive been weighing it all up recently the thing that has kept me using primarily using monzo is that i pushed it so hard to my mates at the beginning and it has made bill splitting increadibly easy with these people which is its saving grace.

(Jordan) #763

Even if they don’t, it isn’t really on Monzo to have a good overdraft rate, they are at the end of the day providing credit.

I know what you mean that it isn’t the 50p vs APR but the actual cost of the overdraft - but that is Monzo’s stance.

I know that other app-only banks provide a fee-free deposit service but that doesn’t mean Monzo has to. They are an app only bank - they’ve clearly weighed up the pros and cons of offering this and chosen against it. There is nothing stopping someone paying the cash into their old legacy and moving it over. If that isn’t something you want to do then I guess Monzo isn’t the right fit.

For me these things don’t impact my overall experience, I’m honestly of the opinion that you’ll be hard pressed to find a bank that does everything exactly how you’d want and have to deal with the things you don’t - but I understand that each customer is different and has different needs and wants.

It is a tough one!

(Nathan) #764

See with these things I always think back to the reason I opened my Monzo account, back in the pre-paid days as a holiday card and it worked perfectly so I decided to see where it took me when the CA was launched and migrated over to.

Now I think of Monzo as a fully-fledged bank and the reason people open an account is because they think they do something better than their current bank? that a fair assumption to make? Not many people will open another bank account unless theres a primary reason.

The reason people open a specific bank account is because it beter suits their needs or they have a truly unique feature that makes you think wow that would work so well for me.

Nationwide Flex: overall unbeatable insurance package
Dozens: 5% interest bonds
Starling: truly unlimited foreign atm withdrawals

Any others I’ve missed??

Will Monzo plus pull people into switching to Monzo?
Personally I dont think so. I do however think that as some people have pointed out it could be a good money earner for Monzo for those who are lazy and would rather pay mid-market prices for the ease of use.

I like this point, what are the things you find that monzo provides that youve found other banks dont add up to on?

(Jordan) #765

I am the same - I was in pre-paid and just loved how Monzo worked - I’ve not seen anything from any other banks that would make me move over (apart from Dozens) but that isn’t a fully fledged bank yet and so may stay on the backburner as a “savings account”.

I think you’ve cracked the top runners here - but for me I don’t need a packaged account and I’ve been abroad 3/4 times since the £200 atm and I’ve been fine - I never take that much cash out as I always have cash with me anyways.

I don’t think personally that is what it is designed to do in the main - its to plug a gap where Monzo can make money - some people will take it up and that will bring some profitability to Monzo.

They’re in a bit of a weird period where they have to start trying to become profitable and that may mean some things are put to the back - which would be great for the user but not the company.

So for me,

  • My old legacy would take literal DAYS to tell me how much I actually had left in my account - it was like an episode of university challenge to work out if I had enough money to go out or not.
  • You had money in an account, that was it, no siphoning off, no intuitive savings possibilities, nothing. It sat there and accrued interest sure but that is all it did.
  • Monzo has pots, and they allow me to categorise off things and its all easy to see and easy to withdraw should I need to.

I know that other players do this and allow for IFTTT and Round-ups but I wouldn’t move to them because they have the same things Monzo have.

I like the look of Dozens and what they are trying to do with things atm and could be swayed over there once they are fully set-up.

It could be my demographic (recent graduate, not on big money yet) which makes me the sort of fit the slots in neatly with what Monzo offer, I’m not sure.

All in all, I’m more interested in where Monzo could go in the next 2-3 years than what they are doing right now - “rome wasn’t built in a day”.

But that’s just my 2 cents

(Simon B) #766

I don’t have the figures unfortunately - just had a quick look to see if I could find anything.
I think that’s very unlikely to be true. Seems like there was a misunderstanding somewhere? I’ll try and do some digging.

(Nathan) #767

Yeah I can definitely see that.

My point was more if I was to have never heard of the two until just today Starling seems to do what Monzo does with a few more in the yes column in terms of lack of fees.

I’d like to see committed spending pots and locked pots take a higher priority. These are truly unique aspects and selling points as opposed to things like Monzo plus that will be offered but not beat the competition.

Also really like the idea of dozens and excited to see how they turn out, competition can only be a good thing among them all i suppose.

(Simon B) #768

OK, some data I found from about 6-7 months ago would suggest that the average user who pays their salary into Monzo has a salary of roughly £30k.

I can’t imagine that’s hugely different now.

(Jordan) #769

I see, but for me, I will never pay those fees as I don’t hit the realms of them kicking in.

I think Monzo Plus is just something that is inevitable, whether that be something everyone wants/needs or not.

Either way it will be interesting to see where it all goes from here.


Still, quite interesting that it’s so high

(Simon B) #771

I expect, like most things, there’s a small percentage of very high salary users (like £100k+) and quite a lot around £18-£20k. I haven’t drilled into the data to see it, but if you look at it that way, then £30k as an average makes sense.

(Michael) #772

The average salary is around £26k IIRC and one might expect with a more London based and more technogically curious user base that users would slightly exceed the average in their age group

(Michael) #773

And given that average contains a similar distribution of earnings it’s not that far off

(Michael) #774

ps Pretty certain every one of the “Monzo in love” people so far have earned more than that…

(Nathan) #775

This only takes into account full monzo users also?