Monzo Plus - Small Scale Trial


I think the best thing to do would be that anybody who has the trial, and has signed up to one of these poor offerings - They get the opportunity to upgrade without penalty to any new potential offering in the future.
I don’t think it’s right they get locked into terms when as everybody keeps jumping in and saying ‘it’s A/B testing’ and ‘just a trial’.

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It wouldn’t be a proper trial if they weren’t locked in, because some people might sign up who otherwise wouldn’t it they knew they could just get out early. In any case, based on all past experience of how Monzo deals with customers, I think it’s likely that those who have signed up for a Monzo Plus package will see value/features added to it over time, rather than missing out on enhancements.

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So, having been made an offer, and having agreed to the terms of the offer, they they shouldn’t be held to them? That doesn’t sound right.

If the offer as-is is not good enough, then they can decline to agree to the terms of the offer.
If they think the offer is good enough to agree to, that they agree to the terms of the offer, I can’t see the problem in the payment period running to the terms. They agreed to pay for something, they’re paying for it.

(Full disclosure: I have not been offered either of the trial subscriptions, and if I had I wouldn’t have signed up to any of them due to the insurance bundle being overpriced (and I don’t travel at the moment), and the card colour bumdle not having colours I like enough to want instead of Hot Coral.)


Spot on.

If added value accounts are here to stay there must be a series of packages or bolt-ons that can be realised from this vast volume of data to hand. Tv entertainment packages, magazine subscriptions, coffees, takeaways etc - something that people can find a bit more relevant to them in their everyday.

I always understood the financial offerings were going to be part of a marketplace, or integrations where they can be picked individually when somebody needed them. This would certainly make a better offering than one with multiple products where people often find that there’s something in the list they wouldn’t make use of.

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Lloyds = billions and billions taken in PPI
Barclays = manipulated the market Libor rate
HSBC = laundered money for Mexican drug cartels
RBS = pushed business borrowers into bankruptcy and asset stripped the failed businesses

Want me to go on? I know you’re just going to call me a Monzo Kool Aid drinker, but…

We get it. You don’t particularly like Monzo any more. But can you stop just shouting “Monzo are shit everyone else is brilliant” and apply some critical thought and actual facts please?

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Interesting to see how plus develops.
But the current offerings don’t really appeal to me.


This is a weird thread. Monzo are trailing something that nobody really seems to like with a tiny number of people resulting in Monzo being compared to the most unscrupulous parts of other more established banks. I think this needs to be gotten back into perspective :astonished:

I’m throwing my hat into the ‘none of the offerings seem value for money to me’ but then I’ve never really been tempted by any other bank’s premium accounts. I look forward to seeing where this goes though :+1:

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I think we all know that the big banks also have friendly marketing slogans that imply they want to help you.

Lloyds: You first
The Royal Bank of Scotland: Where people matter


I really don’t want to get drawn into the circular argument that’s been going on in this thread but almost everybody agrees the costs are too high and Monzo have acknowledged almost everybody has said the costs are too high but then this is just a trail to a small number of users and none of them are forced to sign-up. Monzo will use the feedback to either iterate or abandon, there’s no point getting upset about things at this point :slightly_smiling_face:

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Travel insurance could be interesting for me, i would need specialist extreme sports insurance though so this will probably never be useful to me.
I would really like an insurance marketplace where I can pick the exact insurance product I need. There are lots of different insurance products depending on your requirements so I’m not sure a one size option is that useful, at least for me and my friends

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I’m going to throw my hat into the ring here, although I’m not in the trial £11pm for just travel insurance is way too steep. We have a a nationwide plus joint account so we can both benefit from travel insurance, mobile insurance, breakdown cover and a fee free overdraft buffer. All for £13pm. We do all our joint Banking with Monzo but we still have the account for the sole purpose of the benefits it’s offers for a low cost.

For us to jump ship the Monzo offer would have to be similar in price and offer.

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This overall offering is disappointing and is going to put me off Monzo. It feels like you are just trying to monitise urgently without truly differentiating the product. As others have said Revolut offers a better package for more or less the same price and even some high street banks offer similar. I want to see truly different things from Monzo rather than being a poor imitation of competition. I didn’t think this would be a business model you would go down as it feels off brand somewhat in terms of value and proposition.


I don’t understand why anyone - if they knew that something would be (in your words) “a complete and utter disaster” - would do it anyway? :thinking:

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Good to see no lessons have been learned from last night’s debacle.


Moving the conversation on, what do we think about the card designs? Looks a bit like the current card with “plus” added and in different colours…