Monzo Plus - Small Scale Trial


Moving the conversation on, what do we think about the card designs? Looks a bit like the current card with “plus” added and in different colours…

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #548

I’m not hugely keen on the different colours TBH, I don’t think they’re hugely special enough (but perhaps that’s the point, to cater for those people who want a card that – in their opinion – looks more like a traditional bank card). I don’t think I’m the target market for that one.

(Emma (still not the app)) #549

I think that’s because it’s exactly what it is :grin:

Nice. I’d like to see the midnight sky in the flesh though

(Dan Mullen) #550

The “midnight sky” card looks nice. A lot better than the standard card IMHO. It appears to be a similar shade to Starling’s business card, which I also really like. Very classy!

(Emma (still not the app)) #551

Thought the Starling card was black looking at the photos online, is it a very dark blue as well?


The good thing with Starling is that they have different card colours for the Personal and Business accounts. Instantly you know that a teal card is personal and the dark navy is for business. I think a third colour for joint accounts a lot would probably find ideal though.

I feel with Monzo offering different card colours just to appease a minority of users, you start to lose brand recognition. The hot coral card has always been one of Monzo’s most defining and eye catching aspects.

Therefore, I think diluting that with different card colours - You begin to lose some of the USP.

(Myles Carey) #553

The problem is with the change of colours - that’s okay but no metal offering still even when so many people here said they’d willingly pay 1 off for it. Feels odd they are still sticking to plastic.


That’s a good point, and one that @nexusmaniac has made a few times before.

For me, I’d rather some hot coral element to show some sort of “brand evolution” - but then again there’s been quite a few people who have taken against hot coral as a whole. Pleasing everyone is hard!

The midnight one would be the one I’m most interested in, i think. But I’d really need to see it in person (or at least a photo).

(Dan Mullen) #555

Yes, it’s very dark navy.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #556

What :monzo: Monzo has demonstrated is that the design team is not welded to Hot Coral at the exclusion of absolutely everything else.

Now I too would like to see a different colour for joint accounts, because this would be a genuinely useful, and unique, feature.


Maybe it’s just me, but I think there’s far more important things than complaining about a card colour.

Hot Coral is what has always defined Monzo - If anybody doesn’t like it and changes your whole opinion of whether you want to use the bank or not , then that’s an issue for them - Not the business.

You can’t dilute one of your most distinguishing branding aspects and then put out colours like any other generic bank card.

Starling’s card rebrand was excellent. Clear colour choices that distinguish between the different accounts they have on offer but that don’t stray away from the bank’s roots either. They also differentiated with the USP of making the card portrait which no other UK bank is doing at present.

(Emma (still not the app)) #558

A lot of people have said the same in this thread

Not if it’s putting off potential customers

Isn’t there more important things than the orientation of the card? Or does that just apply to the card colour?


Do you actually have any statistical data that proves ‘Hot Coral’ is putting off potential customers? :thinking:

They managed to find a way to have card colours that fit with their branding, and differentiate to what everybody else is doing. :+1:

(Emma (still not the app)) #560

Do you have any statistical data that it isn’t? :thinking:
Numerous people have said on the forum
that it puts them off using the card


I’m not a hot coral fan. I’m not nearly bothered by it enough for it to affect my banking choices, but I’d really like a Monzo card in a less in-your-face colour. I get the argument that it’s good for branding, but I trust that Monzo can carry the brand into different colours.


Then that’s it an issue for them - Not the bank to be pandering to every whim. It’s ridiculous to suggest a card colour would put you off using a bank.

(MikeF) #563

I agree but many people suggest things that appear ridiculous to others that are still important to them and influence their decision making. Thus I don’t think it’s ridiculous but the importance to them is t something I necessarily agree with personally.


I think it’s similarly ridiculous to suggest that a card colour or orientation would make people want to use a bank, but I guess the take-away is that people like different things? :man_shrugging:


I’m not sure bright, garish colour is something that attracts people to a bank.

What do you want from a bank? Safe, dependable, trustworthy, experienced, reliable, honest, etc.

Does a strange, neon orange card say these things to someone who’s banked with Lloyds, HSBC, or whoever for the last 30 years?

Or, rather, does it suggest gimmick, fad, frivolity, novelty, etc?

Ps. Just to help you answer that question, they also use lots of emoji


Isn’t a selling point something that makes people want to use it?

Anyway, who knows. I really just want a non-hot coral card. If you want one in teal and rotated 90 degrees, I’m cool with that too. And even in metal, that might be OK also.