Monzo Plus mobile phone insurance

Ok we wait why you fix monzo plus

But as a Bank you still can’t provide me with mobile phone insurance I could switch tomorrow pay £20 - £25 a month and get offered so many things

What I don’t get is what’s taking so long monzo plus 5 months in and monzo does not have a clue if you ask everyone what they want your going to fail just like government.

Banks try to provide services like credit cards companies. I’m a credit card collector my worry monzo Plus is going to have airport lounge and All the same things a credit card. And nothing new.

Some one in charge tell me how long we have to wait it will be Summer next year and we will still not no what’s going on.

Please add mobile phone insurance or do I have carryon paying insurance company £21 a month or do I switch banks and get it included with a account that costs £20 a month with so so many extras.

I need to know soon.

Kind regards

There’s a few things wrong with this post, but if your adamant that you want packaged bank accounts including mobile phone insurance then there’s nothing stopping you doing this elsewhere whilst remaining with Monzo.

I suggest if you’re paying £21 for Mobile Phone insurance you’re getting ripped off and should check out price comparison websites.



You crack on mate. I don’t think Monzo is working to your personal timetable.


“Alexa, show me the most entitled forum post ever made.”

Thanks Alexa.


Here is someone in charge keeping you updated on progress with Monzo Plus. These updates are weekly so the next one will probably be due tomorrow:

As others have pointed out, the tone of your message isn’t really the best and perhaps you could have approached it a little better :slight_smile:

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Then you absolutely should. It makes perfect sense to do so.

do I have carryon paying insurance company £21 a month

No you don’t. Nationwide offer an account which has, amongA range of other benefits, mobile phone insurance for £13 per month


I also want phone insurance, I was about to bite the bullet on Plus when it disappeared and became Merch or travel packs - and then disappeared altogether. Just got to wait or like others have said go to Nationwide which you can do as well as Monzo unless they offer a big switching bonus,

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£21 is for X2 mobile phones

£13 is for the family’s mobile phones. And a range of other benefits.