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I’ve been wanting to switch to Monzo full for some time now and only one thing was stopping me. With my traditional bank account, I had an iPhone insurance add-on for roughly £15 per month.

Technically in the eyes of insurance providers, my iPhone X is classed as a second-hand device since it was bought new by a friend and I purchased from him. Bank mobile insurance usually covers second-hand devices.

Recently I found an awesome provider called So-Sure who will insure without any proof as the purchase as long as you validate your phone using there pic-sure technology which is basically as phone selfie. For a cheaper price of £11.

Just like Monzo the UX/UI is superb so I’m would recommend them. Would be an excellent partnership for both companies if Monzo offered mobile insurance in this way and I’m sure this could be stopping a small number of people making the switch.

There is also a feature called reward pot whereby you can link with friends and receive a discount if no one claims. Take a look:

Join my reward pot and we both get £10 or view the website


Thanks for sharing @Mitch, it’s interesting to hear about all the different things that keep people tied to their traditional bank accounts even when they’re interested in going “Full Monzo.” Mobile insurance definitely sounds like it could be a good addition to the future Monzo marketplace!


I have a Nationwide FlexPlus Account and kept it open when I switched to Starling. I pay £13/month for the usual range of benefits - travel insurance, mobile insurance, breakdown cover…

The great thing about the mobile insurance is that it covers all mobile phones in the household, including iPhones. I’ve used it multiple times and have saved the monthly account fee many times over - mainly down to the number of times my daughter has managed to smash her iPhone screen!

I’ve looked all over but cant find a family mobile insurance product that comes close to this price. The worldwide family travel insurance and breakdown cover are nice bonuses :slight_smile:


I’d endorse this. You forgot fee free foreign ATM withdrawals, though.


And fee free £250 overdraft!


The packaged bank account example in the OP isn’t even the cheapest or best value package, Nationwide provides mobile insurance PLUS a whole load of other stuff for £13 per month, and covers new handsets.

Packaged accounts were introduced in the nineties when high street banks went through a phase of buying insurance companies to provide bancassurance products (a French model) and they could monetise their customer base by cross–selling.

I’d say Monzo are as likely to introduce a packaged account as they are their own airline.

This stuff will be sold through the marketplace by specialist providers.


Welcome to Monzo Airways! :airplane:


Before going full Monzo I had mobile insurance with my old current account - the current account fee was £12.95 per month. I was also paying £16 home contents insurance each month. When I closed down my old current account, I signed up to a difference contents insurance provider - £10.25 per month which covers possessions, such as my phone, out of the home along side the usual at home cover. So much cheaper now!

I also found a nice insurance app called WeCovr. It gives a better value for phone insurance than the one you mentioned plus many other kinds of covers. Check it out on: or on

It’s quite a sleek app and gives instant quotes in just a few taps. Plus you can get your premium refunded/reduced if any friends you invite buy some coverage for themselves! Enjoy!

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I use Barclays at the moment, it’s about £14.50 which includes some other electronic insurance but it would be great if Monzo Plus covered this too maybe…

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What about if Non-MonzoPlus’ customers wanted to be able to get Mobile Insurance through Monzo, I know that Revolut provided this option to their ‘Standard Account’ non paying customers, and would charge them for Device Insurance over a 12 month period.

I went with a third party as I wasn’t really wanting to keep my Revolut account, if I was I would have probably used their Insurance for my Mobile.

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Hi all, I wonder if I can hop onto this post with a question!

I’ve come across So-Sure as I too am trying to insure a second-hand phone that I purchased through a reptuable eBay seller. On the So-Sure website, it says that they will insure phones from eBay provided they are no more than 3 years old and were originally sold into the UK/EU market.

Now, the phone I’ve bought only released 2 years ago, so that should hopefully satisfy the first requirement. I was wondering though, how we can possibly know (unless the seller will tell me, which I doubt) into which market a phone was originally sold?!

If anyone has any knowledge on this I’d love to hear it. And apols for jumping on your post :slight_smile:

How does the 80% cashback work? We get the reward pot back? I’m looking to renew my phone insurance.

You get £10 for every person you connect with. Plus a bit more as a bonus in the first few days / weeks.

If none of the connections claim then you get all the money back at the end of your policy. It’s a bit of a gamble tbh.

I didn’t pick so sure for the money back, the fact they cover second hand phones and the cost was there selling point for me. Their app is pretty good too!

If you did want to join… here is an updated link. :moneybag::iphone:

Hey, I just insured my mobile phone with so-sure. They give you 80% of your cashback if we are connected and don’t claim! Here’s the link to check them out:

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Hey folks, just seen others have signed up to So-Sure on here - if people are looking for additional connections - throwing my code into the mix too:

(@Mitch - I just used your code so hopefully that connects at your end too!)

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Got it :+1:t3: Accepted.

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