Monzo Plus account

Monzo plus £3 a month for the lucky ones for 12 months what I don’t get is you pay £4 for travel insurance to pay £4 for mobile phone insurance to pay £4 for house Insurance I would prefer if you paid £12 a month for a package that you could choose what you want, £16 for another package and £20/£25 for the Ultimate package.

In my last two banks I paid £20 For travel insurance 1 year taster card and one years membership with National Trust mobile phone insurance and travel insurance & money of certain retailers and cash back and more.

So I can see that its going to cost more than £20 if you have all the things with Monzo plus yes it’s great to have a choice to hand pick certain items that you will use I get that. But at the right price.

If Monzo plus pays interest on the balance on a plus account are we paying our own interest if we pay £3 a month to have a card or £6. depending when joined ?

Somebody tell me why are we paying £3 or £6 a month is for? I think you should just pay for the packages That you want also I think you should give us lots more choice when I see the banks to offer 10+ things for £20 a month and yes for £20 the lot of those things you didn’t use but I’m making a point,

Monzo please offer more things, most of things you are offering you get with the current credit card or another debit card like no fees abroad, emergency money, airport lounges, travel insurance. I have all these things with American Express apart from no fees abroad.

Now Mobile phone insurance this is going to cost £4 a month I’m assuming guarantees you get a brand-new phone not a category B grade phone I’m assuming that you are covered up to £1500 per phone and seems to be the standard practice regarding mobile phone insurance delivered the next day come on so tell me if there’s any restrictions on how many claims a year

And yes I am looking forward to getting a metal card please have number less card and have laser Engraved name, so make it one of the most wanted cards to have.

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