SPECULATION - We're getting close - what's in the new Plus? 👀

So there’s been quite a bit of speculation around these parts as to just what might be in the new paid account (s) - which may or may not be called “Plus”.

Given we’re just weeks (if not days) from an announcement, I thought it’d be useful to put together everything that we think we (might) know.

From the Android teardown thread, we know that these features are (probably) coming. Will they be part of Plus?

  • Pay from another bank account using the Monzo app (open banking payment initiation)
  • Custom categories
  • Money off eating out with a Gourmet Card
  • Export transaction to Google Sheets
  • Round-up accelerator :white_check_mark: Confirmed
  • Virtual cards

It’s looking like two tiers - or at least two cards - with the following behind the scenes in the Android app:

… both with Investors options!

Have I missed anything that we’ve spotted anywhere else? :eyes:

(Quick disclaimer: it’s possible that some of these things will never see the light of day, that they’re not part of Plus or that they might be delayed - this is just from what I can see from forum posts, so definitely isn’t official!)


metal cards ? :slight_smile:

I believe the round up accelerator was confirmed plus so that at least can go in the solved pile

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I’ve literally just made a topic about the same thing lol crazy…yours is much better though

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Why on Earth are people bloody obsessed with metal cards? If you want one then be prepared to pay for the extra cost.




I’m with you. I don’t get it. Especially when more and more people don’t even use the physical card and use Gpay etc.


I am preperaded to pay for solid metal card what will be resistant enough to make it possible to carry it without wallet. Curve metal card seems to be disaster, tones of people complaining about metal and plastic layers falling apart

Monzo needs to focus on growth and becoming profitable, not incurring costs unnecessary costs for something like a metal card, if a customer is willing to fork out the cost of a metal card then that’s fine.

I’d rather pay for the plus account for features that benefit me such as cash back on purchases, insurance etc. If someone asked you why you decided to move to the plus account and the first thing you can even out with was because of the metal card they’d laugh at you.

Surely there are more important features customers would want over a metal card.

Also, having a metal card should be an option on then plus account because I’d rather pay less and receive all the features of a plus account as I feel a normally card does the same job for me.


Won’t be solid metal if it has contactless

The biggest issue with gpay (outside of stopping you from rooting yours phone) is need to carry card with you just in case. In Tesco there is 30£ limit, in other places there might be no contactless at all or similar limits. Either you are carrying both, or sooner or later you will have to leave yours basket at shop and drive to home to get yours card.

I have my phone and :watch: for contactless, I would prefer solid metal then non solid contactless metal


None of these are features that Monzo should be charging for, imo.

There are others who already provide most of this for free!


If it was something I used I might be interested, but I’ve only heard of gourmet cards on plus threads and I don’t go out for meals so :woman_shrugging:

Same with cash back, seldom with retailers I use

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I don’t think anyone gives them free


I hope insurance will be easy to opt out without loosing other benefits. Everyone either have more comprehensive insurence somwhere else or doesn’t want insurence at all. Unless monzo will be adding couple houdreds £ insurence to one of bundles, or it will be waste of money for everyone who has some bigger plan somwhere else.

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Is plus going to be available for joint accounts? I wouldn’t be interested in signing up with my personal account as I barely use it


Monzo should offer whatever will allow then to sell the biggest amount of plus subscriptions, not what “should” or “shouldn’t” be included because of some deeper reasoning. If most people would buy subcription because of metal cards, then metal cards are the way to go


I just hope it’s reasonably priced and flexible.

Personally I think cash back feature should be on the basic account but happy to pay for it.

With insurance wouldn’t mind been giving the option to select which cover I’d like included for example gadgets, home, travel etc.

Would also like to see some savings on other products for example if Monzo decide to have cash ISA then better rates or if they have a stocks and shares ISA then cheaper management fee.

I think I could switch to not carrying card at all, if ATMs would support contactless, then even in worst case scenario I would need to go look for ATM, not drive to home to get my card.