Hot Coral Plus Card - Thoughts

Literally can’t tell the difference except for “Monzo” is on the left not right, and the “Investor” wording has gone.

The “Plus” is basically not there. I like some of the tidying up: “MasterCard” gone, contactless symbol moved to back, thinner mag strip, smaller signature box, “M” symbol replaced with smaller “debit” word on the back. But most of these changes are to the back of the card. So from the front, you wouldn’t think it was anything special.


I agree. My CCV number is slightly visible on the front . I mean I don’t mind the plus writing being invisible , but I was expecting a better quality card for £3/month

I initially liked how plus was written on the cards but my current feeling from seeing photos is that it’s too subtle.

Maybe it’s different in person though.


It’s not, you can’t see it unless you looking for it, from the right angle… It’s almost invisible


I feel that, if you’re willing to part with money for a debit card, then :man_shrugging:

I don’t mind donating £36 to Monzo. It isn’t for the card, I use Apple Pay 90% of the time.

But it’s still useful feedback, because eventually when Monzo Plus is out of it’s infancy, it’ll need to be worth the money with a card to match. And right now it isn’t!




I wonder if this is more of an issue with the coral cards?

I’ve got midnight blue & I like how subtle it is. I don’t want to shout too much about being Plus, but like the different colour card. Who knows, in 3 months I might change my mind on colour & want to.

Personally. I don’t think that switching to plus & choosing the same colour makes sense. I’m all about supporting Monzo with the Plus subscription, but I’m holding out for metal cards tbf.

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At the moment you are donating £36 to support monzo to shape monzo plus as it should be . Right now, you are not paying the £36 for the service , you are donating it Monzo to support them , and help them shape the plus service how it should be. Unless of course you think that the plus card is worth £36. :thinking:

I just want to start this post off by being clear; I’ve been very critical of Plus and it’s somewhat fractured beginnings.

I personally don’t have an issue with this though. People need to remember, just because you wouldn’t personally pay the fee, doesn’t mean others wouldn’t.

Monzo has helped a lot of people do a lot of things. With that in mind is £36 and a bit of faith an awful lot to stake against the chance that Plus might come through and deliver? I think not.

I think it’s important to remember that regardless of how you feel about the service, it’s important we aren’t critical of others right to choose what they do with their money, they earned it they can spend it. After all there’s plenty of worse ways to throw away £36.

I guess my main point is we should absolutely and constructively criticise the service and give good feedback on the offering, but not criticise those excited early adopters who have taken the plunge.



I just wanna make it clear , that I am on plus . And i paid the fee to support monzo because I like the direction they are heading to.
My plus card is not great, but I use Apple Pay most of the times anyway and I received cute stickers as well with the card :grin:

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Sounds like undue influence to me

Yes I’m serious. I was one of the first few people to get Monzo, back when it was Mondo. The instant notifications and budgeting tools have helped me save up enough to buy a house and pay off all debts. I owe a lot to Monzo, I recommend Monzo to everyone, I invested in Monzo in 3 rounds of crowdfunding.

I don’t mind paying £36, to get a plus account and give feedback to help shape the future of plus.

And I got the same colour, because I thought that would be the best way to compare Plus and non Plus cards. Again, to give feedback. The card tends not to come out of my wallet anyway because of Apple Pay


I don’t think we can categorically confirm that until the first 12 months is up.

I’ll happily sit and sharpen my pitchfork with you though and let it unfold.

I, personally, have money to burn. Deal with it and stop calling people out for what they want to do.

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Donate it to charity(registered)

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I do as well. Thank you.

You owe nothing to Monzo. It is a regulated bank intent on profit.

My account details are…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’ll bite.

He might owe the fact they’ve helped stop him gambling. Or the fact that he has now been able to pay off his debts easier by segregating money into pots.
Or he might now be able to apply for an account that he might not have been able to before due to Monzo’s less restrictive requirements for account creation.

While Monzo may be a bank to you, to others it’s a means to save, it’s a way to change and improve their life.

So before calling people out on their comments; maybe assess why people may feel the way they do about things they say.