Plus/Premium (nearly spring 2022 edition)

Plus and Premium have been around for a while. Time to see what folk think about them - and what they need next!

What personal Monzo account(s) do you have?

  • Standard UK personal account
  • Monzo Plus
  • Monzo Premium
  • I have a Monzo US account
  • I’ve never had a Monzo account
  • I had a Monzo account but it’s now closed

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Do you have any of these other accounts?

  • Monzo Business (Lite)
  • Monzo Business (Pro)
  • Monzo Joint Account

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Have you previously had Plus or Premium?

  • I previously had Plus (I upgraded to Premium)
  • I previously had Plus (I went back to the free account)
  • I previously had Plus (my account is now closed)
  • I previously had Premium (I went to Plus)
  • I previously had Premium (I went back to the free account)
  • I previously had Premium (my account is now closed)

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If you don’t have Plus/Premium, why?

  • I’m happy with the free account
  • I can get a better deal elsewhere
  • Not worth the money
  • Don’t like the card options
  • Disagree with paid-for accounts
  • No joint account support
  • Not got the right software features
  • Other (explain below!)

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Best feature?

  • Other accounts, in Monzo
  • Interest on balance and regular pots
  • Custom categories
  • Card options
  • Graphs in Trends
  • Virtual Cards
  • Advanced “Roundups”
  • Credit Tracker
  • Offers
  • Auto-export transactions
  • Free cash deposits per month
  • Fee-free withdrawals abroad
  • Travel insurance
  • Mobile insurance
  • Discounted airport lounges
  • Cashback on international transfers

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Are you thinking of cancelling?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Undecided

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What three features would you want in Plus/Premium?

  • More connected accounts
  • Connected accounts have feature parity (search, notes, tabs, bill splitting, receipts…)
  • Budgeting across connected accounts
  • Bring crypto to connected accounts
  • Bring mortgages to connected accounts
  • Bring investments to connected accounts
  • Better Trends functionality (explain what below)
  • Export connected accounts to Google Sheets
  • Export Monzo / connected accounts to Office 365
  • Additional credit reference scores in the app
  • Pay Plus/Premium subscription from Pot
  • Longer 0% period on Flex
  • Support for Joint accounts!
  • Change Plus/Premium payment date
  • Interest free overdraft
  • Automatic salary sorter
  • Automatic get paid early
  • Salary sorter to external accounts
  • More card options
  • Master feed across all accounts and pots
  • Pay bills directly from Pots (so not via the main account like at the moment)
  • Credit card pots (spend on a card and that amount is stashed in a pot ready to pay the bill)
  • Pay in cash at the Post Office
  • Something else (explain below)

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And a special chaser for @N26throwaway

Which connected accounts are missing for you?

  • Bank of Ireland
  • Cahoot
  • Chase
  • Coventry Building Society
  • Creation Cards
  • Danske Bank
  • Jaja
  • Marcus
  • Metro Bank
  • National Savings
  • New Day Credit cards
  • Nutmeg
  • Paypal
  • PensionBee
  • Sainsbury’s Bank
  • Starling
  • Transferwise
  • Tymit
  • Ulster Bank
  • Vanquis
  • Virgin Money (inc Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks)
  • Wisealpha
  • Yorkshire Building Society
  • Manual Accounts (you enter the balance not a connection)
  • I have all I need
  • Something else (explain below)

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Thank you for these polls! :pray:

Better trends functionality - in a nutshell, DASBudget. Bring some of that into Monzo please Monzo!

Something else for connected accounts - Just Atom Bank right now. The ability to view, pay into, and withdraw from external savings account from within Monzo in general would be awesome (no idea if it’s possible or it ever will be! Just wishful thinking!). Atom integration would be especially appreciated and complementary given the instantaneous nature. Deposits and withdrawals would update with both banks in real time.


Thanks for the 2022 edition!

I’m honestly thinking of cancelling premium at this point.

The only thing keeping me on premium is that I can’t simply Downgrade to plus.

I think my most used feature is VCards, and to get onto Plus instead I lose them.

In my view I think the travel insurance is not as all encompassing as it could be, certainly with respect to covid related matters vs competitors. I would really really like for claims and the policy to be generally managed in app too - this is my biggest gripe for the insurance from an app only bank - that I’m still locked into an archaic insurance system.

I just got a new iPhone and opted for the apple care plus, so don’t require the Monzo cover.

Lastly the addition of Flex and a few other features mean my Google export sheet is broken, and any IFTTT things I had on the back of it are redundant.

Genuinely the thing stopping me cancelling is the Virtual Cards for now, but once I do, and all the old cards are gone - I don’t really have any desire to upgrade to Plus.


Virtual cards are what’s keeping me sticky to plus too. That and the nicer card.

Do I want to lose them? No I love them, so short of changing banks, I don’t see myself downgrading anytime soon, even if developments on the product appear to have stagnated. Would I miss them if I downgraded? Probably not. Apple Pay adoption online has ballooned over the past year or so, making the need of virtual cards for the privacy element redundant. So I don’t need them for that.

The pot linking was one of those things that sounded like magic in theory, but in practice feels too convoluted to manage for my liking, but that’s more an issue with the pots than the virtual cards. Gets the job done for my pet food subscriptions though, but it’s not much different than just using a credit card, which would probably a slightly simpler and easier, so considering going back to that, because Monzo’s tools just aren’t optimised for non-monthly subscriptions and direct debits.

The more pots get in the way of how I want to do things the more I wish Flex was a proper credit card.

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Other banks for me are Tesco. I’d love savings accounts from other banks to be available. Also Freetrade and Moneybox


The fact you can’t do that is a big red flag for me right now.


Could support override it?

I find it bizarre that you lose the cards completely though, and they’re not just frozen and saved for when you subscribe again.

I don’t lose all my Pokémon when I don’t pay for Pokémon home. Likewise I don’t lose my music library when I cancel Apple Music.

The stuff is all still there, I just can’t use any of it until I pay again.

It really annoys when companies make it easy to sign up for something and go out of their way to push it and upsell you, but then don’t make it easy to go back.


I suppose to be fair they make it very easy to cancel the whole thing. But the downgrade point is pretty poor.

This is what they said when I asked:

I’m afraid there is no way to switch from Monzo Premium to Monzo Plus without fully cancelling Monzo Premium first. This would mean you’d lose any virtual cards, custom categories, or connect account.

You can cancel Monzo Premium from the Premium tab, by selecting “Settings”, then “Cancel Monzo Premium”.

Sorry there isn’t anything more we can do here.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with, otherwise have a great day!


I keep it for the export. But that isn’t as useful to me as it once was, with the majority of bills moved over to the joint account.

It’s only a fiver, so it’s going to stay, but I’d happily pay again to have the same on my joint account!


The virtual cards (and funding them from pots), mobile and travel insurance, and to a much smaller extent custom categories are what attracted me to, and are keeping me on Premium.

Sure I wish there was more development (I’d like to see my Skipton Cash LISA in monzo) but I’m equally just as happy with the product as when I started so I’m not really considering cancelling it.

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Even more so when there was/is a clear defined path for Plus>Premium upgrade, but not the same in reverse.

I’m in a similar place to “I won’t miss the virtual cards if I cancel”, so realistically I either keep premium as is, or I cancel completely.

The card is lovely though.


A Running Balance in-app, with predicted balances shown where upcoming transactions are shown.

Not necessarily a Plus/Premium feature (it should be on all accounts really), but I’d nowhere else to stick it.


+1 for Atom Bank integration.

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So I’m in a position now where I finally have use for the insurance component of Premium, and thus an excuse to upgrade and collect the card for two upcoming staycations, one at christmas, and one in Early May 2023 (So within 6 months of each other).

This is the one thing putting me off, Because I’ll be wanting to downgrade again after both trips when I’ll no longer need the travel insurance. Anything from Monzo to indicate this is something they’re working on or are going to address?

Because I suspect, like you, If I go for premium, when I downgrade, if I can’t just move back to plus, I’ll probably cancel and just not bother upgrading again. I’ll lose my virtual cards, and not sure I’ll want to sign up to pay again for new ones. Between PayPal and Apple Pay they’re almost obsolete these days with only my dodgy shops card being handy for some peace of mind.

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Surely you’re better off just buying 2x travel insurance for your trips rather than £15 for 6 months?


Don’t talk me out of adding a new bank card to my collection!

Pricing it up, it’s actually pretty close between the two, with Monzo premium being slightly cheaper at £60 (subtracting the plus fee I already pay anyway) vs £38 for each trip. Not like for like mind, but bother sufficiently cover for the things I’m wanting to protect against.

I could probably shop around for even cheaper, but it’s not going to be huge savings.

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Those are very expensive travel insurance policies, especially for domestic only! Last time I paid £3.80 for a four day trip abroad


Still shopping around! Cheapest I’ve found so far per trip is £26.

Not sure if I’m doing something wrong! But £3 seems unattainable. That £26 quote is one from MSE stating the price from £5.49… maybe my trips are too long for the good prices.

Should probably move the insurance sidetrack stuff back to the insurance thread I revived last night! :laughing:

I’ve never bothered with insurance for domestic holidays, but I guess it might make sense in some circumstances.

Supplier failure would be covered by credit card. Most places will let you cancel, but I agree there’s a risk this might catch you out if you have to do it at very short notice. Health is covered by the NHS. The risk of losing your luggage is lower generally. I don’t think I see the value insurance, especially after you pay the excess to claim.

(And, yeah, seems high to me as well. I’d expect to pay about a fiver for insurance for a quick European city break.)

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That’s a false economy, surely, if you wouldn’t bother signing up after the trips. If you’d drop it so easily, why bother keeping it in the first place?