Virtual Cards for Joint Accounts

I understand that currently Monzo don’t either know how or have time to prioritise Premium or Plus features for joint accounts.

I would like to know if Monzo could at least provide Virtual Cards to Joint account users. Virtual cards provide a great mitigation for abuse of debit cards and I think all Monzo customers deserve this protection.

Please Monzo don’t use security as a tiered service and protect all your customers equally.

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Virtual cards will only come with Plus/Premium.

If the security is that important you could use them on your personal account and move the money back.

Hi Scott & welcome :wave:

Head over to this topic and vote (click/tap on the blue VOTE’ box at the top-left):

There’s no guarantee it will ever be implemented, but the more votes a request has, the more visible it appears.


Sure I could do but it’s a naff user experience which is a big part of the Monzo culture.

Thanks I’ll give that an upvote.

Do any competitors offer virtual cards on joint accounts? I’d happily pay for this but don’t have that option with Monzo.

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Not that I’m aware of. And I’m constantly looking…