Joint Account Premium

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Personally I would love to see the premium subscription come to the joint account feature in the future.
It would and could mean that you could take out one insurance plan for the 2 people on that account.
Would also be nice to see options for contents insurance for people who either own or rent. Contents insurance for renters isn’t that common and I’m assuming a lot of people who use Monzo are renting or homeowners.
Seeing as Monzo is at the forefront of banking innovation I believe this would be a good option for people.

Monzo have said they want to do it eventually, but not right now. They want to get it working and well polished for current accounts first.

If you’re interested in reading more, have a search and you can also vote for it below:


I think I’ll change the heading of my ‘Plus 2020 for Joint Accounts’ to include Premium so the votes will increase, FWIW

EDIT: Title changed but the post needs an update too - struggling on phone to edit, this may take a while…

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That is a good idea, I struggled to find info on it when searching

Any updates on this from Monzo? I’d like to upgrade our joint account but not for £30 a month. Comparing to Nationwide. Is it worth moving?

If you haven’t already, vote for it in the topic below - it’s currently 7th in the list of requested features with 201 votes:

Done. Thanks

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It might not be worth moving but there’s nothing to stop you opening a joint account at Nationwide and just sending £13 to it every month.