Monzo Plus: Credit Scores

Splitting off from the main Plus thread, please use this thread to discuss Monzo Plus credit scores :credit_card:

Please note we already have a bug report thread for issues with the credit score graph:

And if you’re seeing a different score in your Monzo app to Credit Karma, this might explain why:


Sorry for asking a dumb question but what was the actual reason it’s not clear in that thread you linked, Monzo just not updating as quickly as the free Credit Karma?

Second question is once Monzo comes out with some new things for Plus do you think everyone will be then be able to see the credit score as it was originally intended? Seems a bit harsh taking this away after guinea pigging select customers, no one should ever have to pay to see their own data collected on them.

Thirdly are Monzo going to improve the credit report so that it’s unique to Monzo overdraft and loans. Ie showing some transparency in what personal circumstances would increase the amount and reduce the APR based on Monzos affordability rating. Not just a poor copy + paste generic version of Credit Karma.


Hi @phildawson :wave: There’s no such thing as a dumb question! We have a helpful FAQs section in the top right of the main Credit Tracker screen.

One of the questions we have answered there is “Why does my score look different elsewhere”. To answer your question, Credit Karma updates every 7 days and Credit Tracker updates monthly from the day you opt in.

We currently offer Credit Tracker as part of Monzo Plus, with no plans to change that.

Improving your credit score will factor into your eligibility for borrowing with Monzo and getting better rates when eligible. We’ve written a detailed blog post that covers a lot of ways to improve and maintain a healthy credit score. :+1:

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Poor show.

Pulling it behind the paywall to make plus “seem” more than it is, is a bit oof I think.


Considering a number of banks offer this for Free (Natwest :eyes:) I dont even consider this a feature of Monzo Plus - i.e. I would’t pay for this if it was the only feature it had.

Also it’s sad Monzo backtracked on offering this for free, then not…


I agree, particularly since it’s completely free to get from Credit Karma and it actually updates more regularly.

As a feature it actually caused friction in my sign up to plus as I feel strongly enough that this shouldn’t be paid for that I was worried paying for plus would only validate it as a pay worthy feature. The other features are debatable as to whether they’re worth it, but seeing your credit score should be something that everyone can easily see. The more vulnerable you are, the more your credit score is likely to matter, and the less likely you’ll be able to casually splash £60 a year on a paid subscription to get it.


My Transition score is significantly lower than my Experian one

Are there any plans to “merge” them or at least report to both so you can have an accurate representation within the app itself?

Yeah so the free Credit Karma version updates every 7 days whilst Monzo’s version every month. So you have to pay and it’s slower at updating, you haven’t got me sold tbh. :man_shrugging:

It’s a shame you mention no plans to change this. Especially as it’s now free with most banks as it should be.

Do you not think Monzo should be leading the way and promoting healthy positive use of credit reports and less focusing on the score which is meaningless as each lender has its own scoring and affordability.

And wouldn’t it be better to actually tailor it specifically to Monzos own loans and overdraft.

Your TransUnion score is 678/710 and your Monzo score is 8/10

You can increase you Monzo score by doing X, Y, Z

If you reach 9/10 you’ll be able to get X loan @ Y% and £Z overdraft from us.


THIS is exactly what monzo needs, transparency.


As much as I agree that it’d be nice to see that information, isn’t giving it out in too much detail essentially effecting the reliability of credit checks? Not sure how well that makes sense, but as an example, it’s like if you do a bunch of insurance quotes with different parameters, eventually the cost goes up presumably because people who spend aaaages trying to get every last penny off that they can, are in some way more likely to claim?

Dunno if that’s applicable in this case, but just a thought I had.

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If it gave an insight into what criteria monzo looks for like held account for X days, or living at same address for 3yrs+ you can’t really fudge that.

You can do things like not opening loads of credit in a short space of time, getting on the electoral roll etc.

When it comes to affordability checks you could of course attempt to lie about your income but Monzo have already said if it’s too far from what they have on file then that counts against you if the delta is too great.

If it said based on our records with TransUnion you are on £30,000.

You need to be on £40,000 for X loan. And you were on that it would be good to be able to challenge it by submitting payslips.

Same goes for we believe you are the only earning person in your home paying the mortgage. If this isn’t the case challenge it to correct our assumption.

Yeah that’s true I suppose, loans are less susceptible to information that can be easily lied about, or have different configurations.

You’ve convinced me, more transparency is what we need here :stuck_out_tongue:

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I just wanted to express my annoyance that Monzo communicated that this feature was coming, along with the ability to see the balance of your credit cards, and implicitly customers were expecting for this to be available as part of the free Monzo account because “Monzo Plus” wasn’t even available at the time these comms went out. Since these comms went out, it has been decided that these features should be included in the Monzo Plus subscription. For me, that is really, really poor!



When can we expect a fix to the bug that shows an incorrect credit score graph? I believe it was reported the day of the Plus launch.


Any response would be appreciated, seeing as this is now a paid-for product.


A month later, just received my monthly credit score update from Monzo and it’s still 6 points behind the one I see on Credit Karma.

Got got the notification and it’s still the same in app as it is with Credit Karma


Mine is exactly the same as credit karma & totally money.

Mine is the same too (today) in-app, although my Credit Karma weekly update is due tomorrow, so there could be up to 3 changes before the next Monzo notification!

It seems like the in-app report is simply playing catch-up with my CK account.

My score is the same between Credit Karma and Monzo, however the graph on Monzo has been incorrect since the day Plus launched, and there’s been no talk (that I’ve seen) about a fix to the bug.