Monzo plus card 1st time

Just got my monzo plus card. Does the first transaction have to be chip and pin? As I need to get the bus soon so I use contactless on the buses to pay

I don’t know about the card but If I remember you can add it to apple pay and it’ll work once activated in the app?

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Nah this hasn’t been the case ever with Monzo I don’t think, that’s why they get you to activate it in the app. This aint no old-fashioned bank.

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I think that some terminals won’t allow the use of the Monzo card until there’s been Chip n Pin at least one, but I may be wrong

When I got my new Plus card for the ‘old’ plus it wouldn’t work without chip & pin first. Apple Pay was fine though.

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An update, I activated my plus card today in app and thought I will have to use chip and pin first. But I still went on the tfl bus and used it and it went thru… So chip and pin is not needed 1st time


Interestingly, the display of the contactless amount left to spend before having to chip-and-pin again has now reappeared in the account setting of my Personal account after I’d upgraded to Plus yesterday.

It is this which shows you how much you have left to spend before you have to chip-and-pin again.

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I was siting in pub today, and I checked, it was 44 pounds before I need to use chip and pin. I got 3 drinks in an hr… All 3.50 each. Than all of a sudden it asked me to use chip and pin for next transaction. Imagine if I paid for something and had to get the tfl bus, or I only had enough money for the bus back home. Its a joke

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You won’t have this happen as the card reader/Oyster machine is set to tell the card that a PIN cannot be entered and to allow the transaction EVEN if the card will require a PIN to be entered.

I believe contactless only vending machines (that have no Chip and PIN facility) are also set up this way. (Although our one at work certainly isn’t and is misconfigured!)

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It’s security. Not a “joke”


tfl don’t take the money until the next day from your card they usually do a 10p card check when you tap on