First successful use of my Monzo card!

After my Morrisons Contactless failure yesterday (known issue), I tried again today using Chip and Pin at a tyre shop after finding a screw in my tyre. Success this time. Going abroad next week so I’ll load it up with some more before we go and try it there.

Colin Begg

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I think I read somewhere that the first physical transaction using monzo’s card should be a chip and pin one.
That might explain your experience at Morrisons but then again, maybe it was just a quirk - I’ve certainly heard that some people have had contactless fail at places where chip and pin works (or neither!). I’ve only had a card a couple of months but regularly use it and haven’t had any failures yet.

This used to be the case but only with our first batches of cards :slightly_smiling_face:

@cbegg50 great to hear you’re up an running! Contactless at Morrisons has been reported as an ongoing issue from a few users, were looking to resolve that. Have a great trip! Lots of helpful info on travelling with Monzo here Travelling with Monzo ✈️ It’s always good to carry an alternative card with you just in case!

Glad to see its working great for you. Morrisions is a known problem, well
reported on the Community, which I hadn’t checked before I went shopping!
Cheers, Colin, New Monzo User

Thanks Naji. At the moment, Monzo is an experiment as I’ve always wanted a
prepaid card. I already have a Halifax Clarity credit card which I’ve
heard is very good with Euro and Dollar transactions. I’ll be able to
compare the Exchange Rates directly if I use a mixture of cards on the
trip. I take various cards wherever I go. If Monzo works well, I may take
less on the European cruise, in May, later this year.
Cheers, Colin Begg

Please do share your findings on the exchange rates, no one’s reported finding a better rate (with fees factored in of course) from another provider, than Monzo’s :wink:

OK Alex, I’ll do that. There are no fees for a Halifax Clarity card, if
paid in full before the 6 weeks, which is what I always do anyway. So
relative costs should all be down to exchange rates. I’ll look at the
online statements on my return to the UK./

Best Regards,
Colin Begg